2017 Chrysler Imperial Review

More and more rumors have been emerging about the latest 2017 Chrysler Imperial. The model was a legendary vehicle in the past and has received a lot of acclaim. Old-school fans still remember the image of the car and savor the picture in their heads how the model looked and how well it drove. But the new school fans are going to be given a treat as Chrysler is planning to reinvigorate its Imperial brand. This is going to be a howl new and modernistic take on the Chrysler Imperial model.

2017 Chrysler Imperial front view

With the teaser images emerging right after the initial concept model was made, we had plenty of reports which stated that the car was going to be released soon. Unfortunately, there were no solid evidence and we were left with only hope to fill the hole that the reports have managed to make. The latest news states that the car is almost but complete and the released photos back this idea up with the latest one showing us the exterior of the car to its fullest potential.

2017 Chrysler Imperial alloy wheels

The release date is the only thing that is missing so far as they have not put an exact information about this but judging on how the car looks it is in its later stage of completion. We are well to get excited about the model and its release as we are ever so closer to the 2017 Chrysler Imperial model. Read the review and see what are the things that are expected to emerge for the car.


The name of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial actually tells it all. The design of the this new car actually seems pretty imperialistic and the high class of this vehicle is something that you should be looking forward to. When you hear that the car has been based on the Rolls Royce Phantom model you immediately get the glimpse on how this model is going to look. With this sort of knowledge it is pretty hard not to get excited about this car. It leaves you wondering on how the old school boys who used to drive this car are going to react. Actually it does not hold many resemblance to the original model and only retains a few bids from it. This is a model which is solely dedicated to the new fans and the new people who are going to get hooked on the design.

2017 Chrysler Imperial exterior

That said, it does not mean that some people who reminisce about the model do not get to like it. In fact it is one of the handsomest looking cars in the luxury segment that it competes in. It has all the makings of a gorgeous vehicle and truly has something to show us which results in a fabulous concept for the model. All in all, the car is pretty futuristic looking and it also expands on the elements taken form the Phantom so you do not get a carryover, you get a vehicle which uses the design cues as inspiration and manages to make something truly original for the latest Chrysler Imperial 2017.


The imperialistic and classy approach continues for the inside of the 2017 Chrysler Imperial. What we get is an all new futuristic setting which has been freshly design and is going to be offered exclusively for this model. It has all the makings of a great luxury car and expands with some premium features. We have expected to see a very high package but there are even some parts which are already surprising to see here. We are more than happy to see that the model adds premium leather and fine soft touch materials through the cabin, but that was to be expected, although it does not hurt to have some extra luxury lying around.

2017 Chrysler Imperial side view, interior

Nevertheless, the all new original design is a great one. The cabin looks and feels comfortable and the combination of colors is also pretty great. You can sense the premium atmosphere once you get in. Both the driver and the passengers are going to feel more than comfortable and the fresh new materials feel equally great. What we do get from is also a software upgrade and some new technological additions which one can use and feel completely satisfied with.

2017 Chrysler Imperial interior

Engine specs

The newest 2017 Chrysler Imperial has been announced with quite an interesting engine setup. The mentioned powertrain includes an offer between a 2, 4 liters, a 3, 2 liter or a 3. 6-liter V6 engine. There have been speculations about a 1, 4 liter or turbo 1, 8 liters and even a turbocharged 2.0 liter diesel unit. Perhaps they get to throw in a diesel variant until the release date comes and we think that one should be available. The model is going to be very versatile and this offer means that there is something for everyone by offering this sort of a package. Unfortunately, the specs have still to be announced as Chrysler has not made them public yet. But we do know that there is going to be a nine-speed ZF automatic gearbox incorporated into the powertrain which is going to leave us with a fuel economy of about 38 miles per gallon on average.

Release date and price

2017 Chrysler Imperial rear view

Officially the pricing and the release date have still to be given for the 2017 Chrysler Imperial. But as we have managed to find out dealing with some unofficial information the car might be available for next year. The release date is placed as close as the middle of the year. As for the price rate goes, the car is going to average at around 50.000 USD, for now but that price can easily go southwards with time.


  1. Ford should put the front of the new Lincoln on the Lincoln sentennel concept. And just take a look. Would be very classy….

  2. I am customer for Chrysler/dodge/Plymouth products for over 50 yrs and I have a obsession for the engineering, time, and the styling of all. I have owned others but none like chry/dgd, ply. Iam fascinated with the Chrysler Imperial its good to know that the Chrysler corp will concider production of the Imperial ( bring it on I will buy one ).

  3. You know i owned a imperial, and it was a good car, this car has been in the making for quite a few years like 2008-or 2009 i want one and have been following every year for the release, love Chrysle/dodge products bring it on

  4. I’m loving the imperial and I can’t wait until it comes out probably will buy it. Thank have been a Chrysler customer for several years now. I like Vee the look on the 2017 Chrysler 2017 imperial.


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