2017 Ford Atlas Review

The 2017 Ford Atlas model is finally going to make an appearance on the big stage. The model which started off as a concept is coming closer and closer to its production level and may be released pretty soon. This car was used already many times as after the concept was released in 2013 at the Detroit Auto Show, many future Ford models have used the design or the parts that came with this attractive new model. Well finally, it is going to come with something of its own.

2017 Ford Atlas front view

One of the most groundbreaking models that Ford has managed to come up in recent years is the Ford F-150 truck. This is a revolutionary model which managed to bring in something which is almost impossible for trucks of this size and that is strength and lightweight at the same time. The F-150 showed that a truck like this can have power and well as being able to produce favorable fuel economy rates. But it all owes to the Atlas concept which came first.

2017 Ford Atlas rear view

The concept Atlas model was the main reason for the technology to develop. As the F-150 used the frame which the Atlas came with it kind of a got all the glory for itself. But now the 2017 Ford Atlas is getting ready to step on the center stage and use the technology that it was supposed to have from the start. The newest model will be now based on the current F-150 and we have comprised a review so you learn more about the release date as well.

Exterior design

Basically speaking, the 2017 Ford Atlas is going to be mainly based on the current Ford F-150 car. In fact what the F-150 took from the Atlas concept before the Atlas is getting back from the F-150 now. We are going to see the same kind of weight-reduction technology which we have seen for the F-150 model and the car is going to have the basic concept it had in the beginning when it started as a mere idea and a concept car. Of course the design features are going to be a bit different and the model is going to look more like an Atlas than an F-150.

2017 Ford Atlas exterior

The most changes were made to the front part of the care and the entire front fascia. Namely, the model is going to come with some double-deck front lights which the already strong looking front fascia is going to be upgraded with a rectangular grille placed to the front of the car. The actually makes the car unbelievably wind resistant which was not the case as before. The roof will be made of glass and there are going to be some electric outlets paled in the trailer. The model is a five door truck as you would expect it to be and there are many storage places where one can hand its equipment or whatever you may need.

Interior redesign

The interior of the 2017 Ford Atlas is actually quote refreshing and one can see that they have come a long way compared to what the concept model looked like. The atmosphere seems much better and you will feel comfy inside as well and it is mainly due to a refreshing color combination of black and gray shades combined. The driver seat is perhaps the most comfortable part of the car and it comes wrapped in soft natural leather which makes it a whole lot better. The font part of the cabin has a touchscreen which can be used for infotainment while the people driving in the back have one placed in the back of the headrest of the front seats. This is what will keep the people driving in the back entertained.

2017 Ford Atlas interior

The model is also going to concentrate on the safety features a lot and will include a bunch of addition except the standard ones. The 2017 Ford Atlas thus comes with a adaptive cruise control, a lane-keeping system and a  blind-spot monitors. Actually there are going to be some more added gadgets as well, but they still have not released the entire roster of features that the car is going to come with. So with the release date getting closer we can expect to get so much more of them. But what we do know is that the 2017 Ford Atlas will be the first model to feature the New Noise audio system.

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Engine performance and specs

You have probably expected the 2017 Ford Atlas to deliver massive power. Well you are mostly correct about that one. The car is going to be able to produce well 360 horsepower and 380 pound-feet of torque with the help of the 5.0-liter V8 engine. It will combine the powertrain with a 6-speed automatic gearbox which is going to account for better shifting ability and maneuverability. The acceleration specs are also pretty impressive as it allows the car to reach a speed from 0-60 mph in 8.1 seconds. We may get another engine option until the release date comes, but for now this is the one that we will be able to use.

2017 Ford Atlas engine

Release date and price

There is still some time till the release date of the 2017 Ford Atlas, which also leaves some added features to be included and some changes to be made. People hope that there is going to be a variety of powertrains offered while some expected an expanded technological update. Whatever the main result might be, officially we are going to see it around the later part of 2017 when the car hits the market. As for the price, as many things are still not familiar but are in fact closer enough, we can expect the 2017 Atlas to cost around 51,000 USD.



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