2017 Ford Focus Electric

We’re all moving into interesting times here.  The days of raging V8’s and glorious V12’s are seemingly disappearing, which is something that makes me endlessly sad.

While we embrace a future full or silent, green cars with no character, some will be – without a doubt- left in the past.  Which is something that is very much okay with me.

There are a number of electric cars that make up the market today, and if you want to sort by popularity, Tesla will be the first that comes to mind.

Then you have the Prius, and all the other shots that manufactures have taken at creating an electric car.  Including the 2017 Ford Focus Electric.

The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is the latest offering from Ford in the last few attempts of a Ford Focus Electric.  In the past, the models been just kind of there in the line up.  Technology not completely up to par, but that’s what evolution is for.

The new car features updated technology, and a slightly updated body.  The last iterations of the Ford Focus electric were pretty odd looking, so hopefully that’s fixed.

All part of Ford’s plan to introduce more electric and eventually autonomous cars in the next few years, the 2017 Ford Focus Electric looks to be a solid foundation.

The Specs-2017 Ford Focus Electric

Vehicle Type: Small Sedan
Power Plant: 107 Kw Motor
Gearbox: 1-speed automatic 
Power: 143 HP
MPG: Up to 118 MPG
Torque: 184 lb-ft.
Length: 172.9 Inches
Width: 71.8 Inches
Height: 58.2 Inches
Wheelbase: 104.3 Inches
Top Speed: 84 MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 9.9 Seconds
Base Price: $29,100 (est).


The Exterior-2017 Ford Focus Electric:

2017 Ford Focus Electric

Electric cars haven’t really been the most lovely things to look at for the past years we’ve seen them on the market.  Nearly everyone makes fun of the Prius, and electric or even hybrid cars just get a bad rap.

More recently though, we see things like the Tesla Model S P100D, a more modern Prius and a number of electric concept cars that are changing how we look at electric cars.  More style and presence rather than the electric golf carts we’ve seen in the past.

The same has befallen the Ford Focus Electric, that had an awkward face for a couple years.  Since the electric car doesn’t need the big grilles like the gasoline powered counterpart, Ford removed much of them.

While the normal Ford Focus has been redesigned a couple times since 2012, the 2017 Ford Focus Electric actually remains the same thing we’ve seen for the past five years.  Admittedly, the 2012 Ford Focus can still look good in the right spec years later, but the electric version doesn’t really share that olive branch.

2017 Ford Focus Electric

There always seems to be a car in every brand line up that is dragging a bit behind the rest.  A car that still needs to see the plastic surgeon or needs a new body all together.

You can only get the 2017 Ford Focus electric in hatchback form, which is the form that makes the Focus look best.

The Interior-2017 Ford Focus Electric:

2017 Ford Focus Electric Interior

As with the outside of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric, the interior of the hatchback golf cart hasn’t been redesigned since 2012.

Essentially, the interior of the 2017 Ford Focus Electric is the interior of high-end Focus’ in the 2012 era.  The instrument cluster is reworked to display things like range and power, and one big speedometer populates the middle.

The infotainment features other electric-vehicle stuff in its menus, and is otherwise the same you’d find in a 2012 Focus Titanium.

The interior of this Focus isn’t bad for its segment, however there are quite a few cheap materials being used, and their presence is overwhelming.

I do like the reworked instrument panel, but the rest of the interior should follow suit with the 2017 Ford Focus’ gasoline sipping siblings.

Everything about the Ford Focus Electric in 2012 was better than the Prius, especially on styling.  However, as with any car, time made the design outdated and the Prius is much more advanced now.

The Ford Focus is a great platform to utilize as an EV, they just need to update the thing.

The Performance-2017 Ford Focus Electric:

The Ford Focus Electric is a silent cruiser made for more local travelers.  You can get a maximum of 118 miles on a single charge.

There aren’t many cars in the EV world that actually go much further than the 2017 Ford Focus Electric, which is impressive given that much of the car hasn’t been updated in years.

The only real update is actually the cars battery pack, which is the source of the extended mileage.  Before this year, the Focus Electric could only manage 76 miles of range, which put it at the bottom of the list for new EV range.

In 2012, the Ford Focus actually was decent to drive.  It felt small and nimble, but never really had ample power.  The same goes for the electric, but the same underpinnings remain.

The 2017 Ford Focus Electric is able to get nearly every city commuter to where they need to go, which should be good for some time.

EV’s are evolving before our eyes, and we should be happy to be in a time period where these cars and technology are being produced and advanced.  Very cool stuff.

Sum It Up:

While I am admittedly not a big fan of electric cars and would rather have a roaring V8 kicking me in the neck, I can’t deny that the 2017 Ford Focus Electric is a great step in the right direction for city travel.  I’m excited to see where we’ll be next.  The release date for the 2017 Ford Focus Electric has passed, so I would put one on the list for your next EV.

Plus, you can lease the Ford Focus Electric for around $240 a month in a lot of cases.  Why not?


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