Next year, Ford is planning to release yet another one of its popular power truck with the 2017 Ford Ranger. This is going to be a redesigned version of the old model which is being revamped a bit by the newest showcasing of this vehicle. The brand has been searching for its identity a little bit so these innovations come at a perfect time actually.

The updates are made all over the car, with the appearance and interior upgrades as well. The powertrain is also going to be updated and some new performance and specs are expected to be seen. The exterior update is actually perhaps the most important part as the truck needs to appear more modern and a refreshing new look might just do the trick in this case.

The car is widely nicknamed as the Blue Oval as the fans like to call it and as the popularity of this model has been dwindling and the sales have come down recently this was the only sane thing to do. The announcement comes early and the new model is going to be released pretty early in the next year, even though the release date is still not confirmed there are a lot of news which say that it comes in the first part of the year. We are looking forward to seeing this vehicle in action and think that it might be a sleeper vehicle for the upcoming year and may prove to be much more than people expect it to be. here are all the new released date about the car which we have gathered in the review.

2017 Ford Ranger exterior

The idea is to update the 2017 Ford Ranger’s exterior that you will immediately notice running up to road beside you. Actually they have achieved much better in that than you would think. This does not mean that the truck is imposing nor that it takes up much of the road, it is actually a really handsome design or rather redesign. They have added some finer lies to the exterior making it much more handsome and slick looking which may not fit the usual appearance o these type of models and makes it a surprising new addition to the look for this kind of a vehicle.

2017 Ford Ranger side

The special works that have been done to the body define attraction and help you use it in various situations. This car is now appropriate for every day driving as well and it does not have to be solely a utility truck as it can give you so much more. The basis for making this truck was to make it available for a wider range of audience and you see this immediately once you take a look at the new Ranger.

The front side now adds some aggressive looking bumpers which tell us that the rugged part of the car is still there and was not lost but tones it down a bit with the new headlights which go by a whole new design feature. It adds LED features which is a big improvement and a step forward to how the vehicle is made.

2017 Ford Ranger rear



The inside of the 2017 Ford Ranger is quite interesting. It actually works very well with the new exterior enhancement and seems as if it has been made for a very particular purpose. The comfort enhancement are great and the technology upgrades are very nice and useful. This time we are getting a vehicle that can help us relax on our way to work and also give us a lot of reasons to go on a family road trip as well. The atmosphere inside is great with the subtle details and some very nice tones and hues that have been added here.

One of the most important parts is the safety features that have been made. The car now boasts with a lot of equipment and most of it concerns making the car completely safe. There are advanced technological and contemporary features that make it safe for all the participants inside to drive in and it is something that Ford has addressed in a very serious tone.

2017 Ford Ranger radio 2017 Ford Ranger interior 2017 Mustang GT500 steering wheel


2017 Ford Ranger engine

Powering the 2017 Ford Ranger is a five cylinder TDCi engine with 3.2 liters and 197 hp engine which has a maximum torque of  470 Nm. The engine also received some new technology features which help it reduce gas emissions which actually lower the exhaust rate for 18 % now, making the car much safer for the environment and also fuel efficient. Fuel consumption is now measured at  21 mpg for city driving and 30 mpg on the highway.

There is another engine variant which comes availed to you and is the TDCi Duratorq 2.2 liter engine with 158 hp and 385Nm, which actually enables 22% less emissions with the applied technology. We also have a third choice here, the  2.5 liter Duratec engine with direct injection which makes  163 hp and given 225 Nm of torque. All three of the mentioned engines have a six-speed automatic transmission as their base choice.

2017 Ford Ranger one of

Price and release date

The newest 2017 Ford Ranger is going to be available next year when the release date is going to be available as well. We picture it as a first-part of the year release and hope that it may come soon than the middle of the year. The base variant starts at around $20,000 but if we go up to the larges XL trim with a full package of amenities we might end up with a figure that comes closer to $ 50,000  in the end.


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