There were many versions of trucks coming in and out of the car manufacturers over the last couple of decades. Ford has been no exception to this at all. The Ford’s SVT surprised us with even two versions of Ford Lighting, which has been missing since 2004, and the second generation of Raptor, built on the architecture of all new aluminum based Ford F-150.

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Actually ford announced twelve new vehicles in their short term plan, including the 2017 Ford Raptor which is in its last phase of testing. It made its first debut at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show. That announcement completely stole the attention of everybody eager to see the new F-150 and got this monster as a treat. There is no doubt that 2016 Ford Raptor stands among the most praised versions of F-150 and it is seen as the most advanced variant of it.

The design of this car is known at the moment but there is still room for some further developments we could interpret in the wrong way. In this review, we are going to mention a couple of interesting facts about the engine specs, interior and exterior design, release date and the expected price of this vehicle.

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2017 Ford Raptor Exterior Design

Allegedly the all new 2016 Ford Raptor design is going to be offered with three cabin styles: Regular, Super and Super Crew. There are some indications that, style is not going to be the only difference, but the size too. The rumor has it, that the new version is going to be six inches wider than the current version. Further on, materials that are going to be used in production are going to be super light, like aluminum or a combination between the use of aluminum and steel. That is a trend nowadays because of a constant struggle to lower the fuel consumption rates, because lower weight means lesser need for engine strength. It’s that simple.

2017 Ford Raptor side

Steel will be used for core structure, together with aluminum, and together those two materials are going to provide this vehicle with excellent durability in any situation. This version is going to be a unique one, with nothing in class to even resemble it. The entire front end is going to be changed, including the a more dominant grille with large Ford letters over it, wider air intakes and more angrier headlights and taillights improved with LED technology.

2017 Ford Raptor rear light

2017 Ford Raptor front light

Interior Design of 2017 Ford Raptor

There are is no official data concerning the 2017 Ford Raptor interior design but we can find a lot of stuff on the web that can, but doesn’t have to be true. If we can believe all that found data, the interior will be quite unique and new. The cabin will be pretty spacious with powerful twisted wheel steering. There are multiple functions installed on the steering wheel. We can expect new gearbox, leather seats, new MyFord infotainment system, navigation system, quality sound system, automatic climate control, etc.

2017 Ford Raptor inside

Engine Specs

Under that muscular hood, the new 2017 Ford Raptor will come with some serious engine specs. Engine will be an upgraded 3.5 liter V6 EcoBoost with 411 horsepower which is going to fit beautifully with new ten gears automatic transmission with paddle shifters and 4WD system. Most important thing is going to be the excellent fuel economy. Expected fuel consumption is 25 mpg for city drive and 32 mpg for highway drive.

2017 Ford Raptor grill

2017 Ford Raptor light

2017 Ford Raptor Release Date and Price

One of the most anticipated trucks of this year is not going to come out this year. Even the manufacturer confirmed it. The pickup was introduced at this year’s Detroit Auto Show and the final release is expected for the fall of 2017. The price of 2017 Ford Raptor is not yet certain but it is expected to be a little bit higher than the price of the current model which is something around 52,000 dollars for a base trim.


  1. I’m very disappointed with the Ford Motor Company. I’ve been very excited to purchase a new 2017 Raptor which is suppose to be available Fall of 2016. Now Ford communicates it’s coming out a year late in the Fall of 2017? My second choice for a new truck is a TRD Tundra, not a standard Ford F150. In the future, please achieve your commitments. I would have purchased another truck a year ago if you were trustworthy and transparent with your delivery date.


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