2017 Ford Taurus Review

There are many news about the 2017 For d Taurus getting its release next year. This is going to affect eh East Asian market the most as the car has already received its first official showcasing at the Shanghai Auto festival. The model is going to be initially released in China and then it is going to appear at several other markets in Asia. This model has proven to be extremely popular in this market and will make quite a big buzz once the car is released next year.

2017 Ford Taurus front view, grille

Large sedans are becoming increasingly popular in the Chinese market. This vehicle is perfect for business situation and executive types so it can be quite glamorous being driven inside one of these models. As the increasingly huffed up large-sedan market has taken its hold in this part of the world it was just a great idea to overhaul one of its greatest models and at the same time come back with one of the most popular Ford models from back in the day.

2017 Ford Taurus rear view, taillights and tailpipe

The vehicle is also characterized by an extremely spacious interior with a lot new features that have been added this time. The model also adds quite a lot in terms of luxury and can be a sell-out immediately after it gets to be released. There are some predictions that the model is going to be released for the US market as well but no indications have been mentioned about that happening. It is first going to be released exclusively for the Chinese market and after seeing how it fairs here there are going to be considerations for other markets. Read the rest of the review to see what the 2017 Ford Taurus is going to be endowed with.

2017 Ford Taurus design specs

The 2017 Ford Taurus will for the most part look similar to the currently outgoing model. It is going to retain a huge amount of similar features and will retain the same bulky shape and dimensions the car used to have before. This is somewhat of a trademark of the Taurus so it did not felt right to change them. Also it has been announced that the car was due for a platform change and we are going to see a much lighter platform that is going to debut on the Taurus as it now uses the CD4 one. The D4 used before was simply too heavy for the car and has been substituted for a brand new one as it also adds great new underpinnings.

2017 Ford Taurus side view

The front side of the Ford Taurus SHO will also use the new bumper and grille designs. The bumper is going to be integrated with daytime running lights and while the grille is flanked with the HID headlights. This increases the visibility of the vehicle but also updates its style in a great way making it much more glamorous and luxurious. The back side adds the LED taillights with a chrome bar connecting them and running the whole length of the back. The final addition is the sports deck-lid-mounted spoiler which is being combined with a dual-tipped exhaust system with some chrome strips at the back side of the car.

Interior news

The interior of the 2017 Ford Taurus has high quality finishes and materials added to it. You can notice how well made the cabin is immediately by entering it. The large amount of space makes for a very pleasant and comfortable feeling and ultimately a great ride. The seats and the dash are covered with well stitched and quality materials while the front seats have added features for a comfortable ride. You get heating and remote eclectic adjustment for better lumbar support and also various color coded options as well.

2017 Ford Taurus interior

The dashboard is dominated with a new massive LCD screen while there are many other additions also made. There is a new rotary dial gear selector which is used instead of the vertical gear selector from before. Some  paddle shifters  are placed on the newly designed steering wheel and are very useful when doing some sporty driving maneuvering. Some other pieces of equipment are the 4G LTE mobile connectivity dual-zone climate control,  a Sony audio system, heated and ventilated front and rear seats, and some safety equipment which include a rear view camera, traffic alert and a wireless charging technology.

2017 Ford Taurus engine setup

The powertrain which is scheduled to power the new 2017 Ford Taurus will be the same engine the power the F-150 truck. It is going to be an adapted version of the 2.7 L EcoBoost V6 engine that is going to be fitted here. This will enable the vehicle to make 325 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque as its power output and allow it more power. There are also two more engine options available, you can get the 3.5 L naturally aspirated V6 engine which makes 240 hp and 375 lb-ft of torque, and there is also the old engine option that was used previously and which will be available here as well. This is the 2.0 L V6 engine that makes 240 hp and 268 lb-ft of torque and has the capacity to make 0-60 mph in 6 seconds and adds an EPA rating of 20 mpg for city and 30 mpg on highway. All of the mentioned engine options will get to be paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission system, but there are rumors of a 9-speed transmission system appearing here as well.

2017 Ford Taurus engine

Price and release date

The vehicle is going to appear in the Chinese market next year. It is advertised for an early release and will certainly be available at the beginning of the year. The estimated price range for the 2017 Ford Taurus starts at $ 35,000.



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