2017 Ford Thunderbird Review

The news about a 2017 Ford Thunderbird was first viewed as a hoax but it appears that they have really decided to bring back the legendary model back to us and are showcasing a rebuild of the model that we have see the last time long time ago in the past. In fact the last edition was the 50th anniversary edition which was released in 2005, but ever since then there were rumors that another one might appear, this was all but confirmed with the release of some pictures which came out recently showing us a near completed Thunderbird model.

As you maybe know Ford hit the jackpot with the 2016 ranger, so news about thunderbird are for sure most exciting ones.

2017 Ford Thunderbird front view

The newest 2017 Thunderbird is supposed to offer the same kind of American sportiness and a relaxed feeling to it. The car is known for having a balancing performance combined with the touring comfort that all the fans expect from this car to have. The model is going to be a two-seater and a rear-wheel drive model which is going to be powered by a V-8 engine.

2017 Ford Thunderbird exterior

The 2017 Ford Thunderbird is still a convertible roadster model and is going to offer a removable top as well so you can bring it up and down whenever you want it or need it. When you decide to go for the down top, you will be graced with the antihero that combines heritage, comfort and style. It has all the connivances that you would expect from a modern car and all the heritage and looks of a classic Thunderbird. All in all a great new addition and certainly a surprising one by Ford. Here are all the details that we were able to find out about it and we bring it to you in our review.

Exterior styling

It appears that they are going to stick to the classic exterior design of the 2017 Ford Thunderbird model. They are going the use the 1955-57 Thunderbirds as the basis for it and have decided to take the redesign direction by incorporating it with a familiar design of the past. The classic egg-crate grille is found in the front and it combine with the already known hood scoop which is actually seen in the 1961 models. The car is going to have suitable dimensions which are going to help the passengers on the inside feel as best they could.

2017 Ford Thunderbird redesign

The Thunderbird comes with a power-retractable convertible top, which has  two front attachment points and two clamps at the rear which help the  removable top to connect with the car. This can allow you to change the car from one point to another and quickly adapt it to a romantic feel by rolling the top down which is then further emphasized by the attractive interior part.

Interior look

The interior of the 2017 Ford Thunderbird is more than spacious and comfortable and as always will fit two passengers. The cargo bay has 6.9 cubic feet of space and gives you enough room to fit in two sets of golf clubs. And when the top is down, there is a soft vinyl boot which covers the  black, woven soft-top.

The instrument panel looks pretty darn great with the a black hue and a combination of bright accent colors  and aluminum appliqués which emphasize more the heritage elements and the romantic atmosphere that the Thunderbird brings. There is a center stack which flows from the instrument panel and has sculptured lines which further go on to make a waterfall effect that leads to the console area. You standard interior additions include black leather-seating surfaces.  and a color-coordinated theme as optional.

2017 Ford Thunderbird interior

There is going to be a Light Sand appearance package offered optionally for the Thunderbird as well and will include  a Light Sand color  which is going to be applied for parts of the car such as the steering wheel, full seats, shift knob, the convertible top and optionally for the soft top. With the package you get the bronze metallic tinted appliqués for the instrument panel, center stack,  door trim, shifter bezel and scuff plates.

Engine information

The newest 2017 Ford Thunderbird model is going to be powered by a 3.9-liter, 32-valve DOHC V-8 aluminum engine. With the added variable cam timing system is going to improve the performance and also the fuel-efficiency of the car. Thus the specs say that the power output is going to be about 280 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 286 pound-feet of torque at 4,000 rpm. Some interesting added features for the engine are a  coil-on-plug ignition with platinum-tipped spark plugs and some very light low-friction pistons and dual exhaust. Optionally available is the SelectShift automatic transmission which you can use to operate the conventional manual transmission but without using a clutch system.

2017 Ford Thunderbird engine

Release date and price

The model is close to its release but we do not have the accurate information when that release date for the 2017 Ford Thunderbird is going to be. With the information that are already released and the info that we have it appears that the model is going to appear next season and that may well end up being the middle of the year or the later part of 2017. The price details are still scarce but we do not expect it to cost lower than 50,000 for its starting price.



    • I guess it did not happen for 2017 since it is now June 2017 and I have not seen anything about it. Perhaps for 2018 or 2019? It would be neat to see a new 2 seat Thunderbird.


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