The rumors are flooding the internet about a 2017 Ford Torino being released. The rumors are becoming more and more facts as the released photos of the car look pretty realistic and it appears that the model is going to be offered soon. The designers from Ford have done such a pretty job as it looks the car is going to adopt a lot of elements form its legendary 1968 version as they are bringing a modernistic twist to the story.

The original model was released for the 1968 model year when Ford their legendary muscle car into fruition. With a 3.3 liter V-8 it was certainly the story of the day as this model has hit the highlight immediately after its release. After that it only got better and the second-generation model in 1970 as it offered us a 4-door sedan and a two-door version respectively. Not only that but this was the first time we also saw the wagon, head top and convertible options. The redesigned version that came in 1972 came with a new name as it was dubbed the Ford Gran Torino.

2017 Ford Torino old model and new model

From there on the Torino even managed to get on the center stage by becoming the NASCAR vehicle with its Ford Torino GT version. But not a lot has been seen lately from this car and as no official announcement of pulling it or discontinuing it came we were left with hopes on seeing the car emerge at some point.

The moment has finally arrived and thought this review you can learn all the latest news about the 2017 Ford Torino model and see what kind of stats the car brings before its release date.


The basis of the new exterior design for the 2017 Ford Torino revolves around it combining the legendary features of the old model and bringing in some extensive modern updates. The car is very stylish and has a modern look but in fact has a classic feel to it as you can really notice where the old school air of the car comes from. The front end is curved and sharp looking and as always will not come with a bumper. Also they are planning to make it a bit longer compared to the last model that the Torino had and it is going to grow a whole five inches. This is going to help accommodate the various features that the car is being updated with. The choice for the wheels comes down to a pair of 20-inch alloy ones that bring in more style.

2017 Ford Torino front angle

The performance of the car is an important factor as always so in order to make the specs of the 2017 Ford Torino a lot better, not only will it feature some lightweight materials to its design but will also keep the front end lower compared to the rear one. The body features aluminum body panels as the light materials make it a lot faster. The car comes with LED headlights which makes it easier for driving at night.


Expect to see a modernistic setting on the inside of the 2017 Ford Torino. Although the new Torino bases a lot of its new offers on the old and legendary model a lot of it is still updated to fit the modern times. This mostly concerns the interior as not even the basis has been taken form the old classic model. In fact the car gets all the new innovated features like a eight-inch LCD screen on the dashboard that allows you to control most of the features within the car. The steering wheel is placed in a lower position while the seats are made to provide top notch comfort. The leather coverings and contrastive stitching do a great job for the look of the car while the passenger and the driver have ample room and space during the drive.

2017 Ford Torino interior

The connectivity has also been upgraded as is the feature with any current model on the market. standard USB ports on the dash are available while optional GPS and Bluetooth also come offered for you. Safety is also a big factor so besides the standard features that help you monitor your car during driving an air bag setup is also offered.

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Engine specs – 2017 Ford Torino

2017 Ford Torino GT engine

The popularity of a muscle car is mostly based on its engine and the 2017 Ford Torino is going to provide us with an absolute beast so it becomes a competitive model in the market. The car comes powered with a 5.0 liter V8 Ti-VCT engine which is actually the model which is borrowed from the Ford Mustang GT model as it provides an output of 435 horsepower, using 93-octane fuel and a torque of 400 lb-ft. Expect the car to make an acceleration rating of under 4 seconds in order to reach a 0-60 mph performance. As the official stats are still not in, we are basing them on the ones that the Ford Mustang makes which means that the Ford Torino might get a top speed of around 170 mph and a fuel economy rating of 15 mpg city/25 mpg hwy.

2017 Ford Torino GT engine

Release date and price

As we expect the car to appear earlier than some people assume the 2017 Ford Torino might grace the roads late 2017. This means that a release date which is somewhere between the middle and the end of the year is quite possible. The price is expected to start from $ 40,000 but may most likely come at a larger rate as we get closer to the release.



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