2017 Honda CR-V Review

With the fourth generation 2017 Honda CR-V, the model is getting its mid-cycle refresh and is going to be established as a newer and much better model. The model will retain the characteristics of the current model, which is a car which was able to make its way through various weather conditions and enough room for five people, but will add an all new engine and a CVT transmission system which is going to make things a lot better for the 2017 CR-V. With the updates that enhance the technology and particularly the infotainment system on the inside, the car also manages to gain better fuel economy aspects and better fuel consumption.

2017 Honda CR-V front view

The first eve Honda CR-V has been made available for the 1995 model year and was introduced to the Japanese market first and quickly made its global debut after that. It came to the US market in 1997 and had a 130-horsepower, 2.0-liter four-cylinder which was both available with an RWD and AWD. The design was loosely based on the Honda Civic one but had a taller ground clearance and gained folding rear seats on the inside.

The second generation was introduced in 2002 and came with an important update,  a more powerful 2.4-liter i-VTEC four-cylinder engine and a revised appearance which was one of the greatest changes made to the new model. The third generation did not meddle so much and kept the car more or less the same with the biggest changes being the exclusion of the rear-mounted spare tire.

2017 Honda CR-V rear view

The heavy remake that the Honda CR-V has received with the 2015 does not leave a lot of room for improvement now, the car is going to be more or less the same with a few changes and additions. This makes it a fresher model and works out some of the kinks the previous model experienced. This review will help you learn about the models redesign and the release date news.

Exterior Redseign

Actually the 2017 Honda CR-V looks a lot more mature with this new refresh. The face of the car looks a bit grown up and does a lot to enhance the model’s exterior appearance. Based on its sculptured appearance you could easily mistake it for an Acura but the new headlights with LED daytime running lights, which is accented with a silver trim piece long the lower front fascia makes the car a lot more distinguishing.

2017 Honda CR-V side views

The side profile of the car has not changed at all. It is still sporting the V-shaped rear window and has the accented line seen in its long wheelbase. The spare tire in the back is still missing and does not make a comeback, for those fans which have longed to see it again, but this makes way for a chrome trim and a large rear glass placed in the back of the car.


The inside is where the refresh for the 2017 Honda CR-V kicks in much better than the outside. The refinements made to the cabin are much larger here and more noticeable. This is achieved through extensive use of new and premium materials, a standard center consoles and a lot more legible gauge cluster. Add to that a seven-inch infotainment touch screen and you get a near perfect mix and update.

2017 Honda CR-V interior

The redesign still keeps the seating for five people in this model as well and leaves us with large amounts of cargo room as well. With the 60/40 folding rear seats it creates a very comfortable seating arrangement for the people inside. The improved telematics have also been introduced with this model which is made available with the next-generation of Honda Link. You can even see that the upper trims support multi-gestures for the touch screen and makes the use of Pandora, SMS text messaging, and Bluetooth much easier for the 2017 Honda CR-V.


The hood of the 2017 Honda CR-V may have been reshaped a bit, but the more important news comes under it. The engine incorporated into the car is the 2.4-liter four cylinder engine which provides a push of 185 horsepower and 181 pound-feet. The horsepower has remained the same but the torque has been upgraded by 11% for the model. Also the model gets rid of some redundant weight and makes the engine a lot lighter. The EPA ratings are also officially released and the car makes it at 27 mpg city, 34 mpg highway, and 29 mpg combined on front-wheel-drive models while the all-wheel-drive version gets 26/33/28 mpg.

2017 Honda CR-V engine view

Release date and price

We will be able to see the new 2017 Honda CR-V model for the next model season. Although the finishing touches have been put on the car, there are is still time for the release. Thus the model is going to hit the US dealerships early next year, with the initial release date being in Japan first. The starting price is $23,320.


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