One of the most successful brands in the SUV segment is coming back with its new initiated model which is the 2017 Honda Pilot car. The Japanese giant has prepared for us another great treat as they plan to offer this model very soon. The updates are going to continue on the previous design and are going to account for some of the loses that the previous models dealt with. All in all we are in for a great new update for the Pilot brand.

The Honda Pilot has always been known as being a quality vehicle which holds many aspects that make the fans happy. It does its job well as it has a lot of things to offer on the inside. Quality and comfit is what you get with a Pilot SUV and this one does not hold back on those aspects as well.

What we were happy to find out is that besides the exterior design, which has always been great in fact, there are going to be some updates made to the inside of the vehicle. So expect the already comfortable Honda Pilot to get even better and much more luxurious on the inside The relies is set for the car to appear somewhere in within the next year but we have still a lot of time in front of us to get prepared for what is expected to come. Till then find out everything in this review.

2017 Honda Pilot exterior and interior design

There are some rumors that may greatly affect the exterior design of the 2017 Honda Pilot. Something which has still not been confirmed is the design of the car and the platform. There are many talks which state that the Pilot is going to adopt a new platform for the next version of its car. This is mainly due to improving performance and support of the car. We expect the performance to rise but we are certainly taken by surprise that they are planning to do that by substituting the entire platform with the new one.

But we assume that with the new platform we also get a lot new features which the car is going to be known for from now one. One of the things that we are happy to hear is that it is going to add some extra interior space. The comfort levels have already been pretty high with the previous Pilot, so imagine what it could look like when those get to be upgraded even further. The previous ones suffered from a bit cramped seating area in the back rows so this space enhancement is going to fix the problem and make the situation much comfier than before.

2017 Honda Pilot side

The new platform also means more luggage space as this is going to affect the cargo area as well. All of this means that the car is going to be a perfect vehicle for when taking your family on the road and on a trip as you have abundance of space for the people and their stuff too.

This is going to affect the exterior design in some ways but we do not see how they mean to change the appearance of the car. We assume that the new platform is not going to affect the exterior changes for the car that much and see the increase in the wheelbase as one of the solutions also a few nips here and there just to keep things fresh. They also plan to play a little bit with the aerodynamics of the vehicle and at the same time giving it a little bit of a muscular look. Let’s just wait and see how all of this gets to work out and but judging from the things that we have seen from the released pictures and spy photos we are in for a great new vehicle.

2017 Honda Pilot interior

2017 Honda Pilot rear

Engine specs

The new 2017 Honda Pilot plans to enhance the power and performance with this new car and thus a new engine is only fitting to be added for this new model. The engine chosen to do that will this time be the 3.5 liter V6 which is able to produce  290 horsepower and 267 pound feet of torque. This engine will be combined with a  a six speed automatic transmission, with a manual option also reported as available for use as well. The standard drive system is a front wheel drive one with an optionally available all-wheel drive as well. Finally, the fuel economy is something that can be worked on as well and this time will amount to 18 mpg on city roads and 25 mpg while driving on highway.

2017 Honda Pilot engine

2017 Honda Pilot back

2017 Honda Pilot spy shots

Price and release date

Being that the new 2017 Honda Pilot is still in its production phase we do not have many information to go on when the release date is in question. We are expecting it to hit the streets as of next year but the exact date is still not been offered yet. The first part or the middle part of the year are the most believable dates. The starting price will be around  $ 30,000 which is something that we have calculated as well. If some additional features get to be added and depending on the ones that get to be used we are seeing an increase in the price then.





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