2017 Honda Rincon Review

ATV vehicles are also in the market and Honda is reintroducing its 2017 Honda Rincon model this year again. With the model already having a lot of acclaim to its name and a has created a lot of hype with its previous releases, the new 2017 model is only going to make things better and present us with a new and updated option.

2017 Honda Rincon black color

When we take into account that this model is powered by a liquid-cooled, OHV semi-dry-sump, and has a single-cylinder four-stroke engine which offers a displacement of about 675 cc and even includes a 3 speed automatic transmission with hydraulic torque converter and we got ourselves a compete deal. The model is also available with electronic controls and also reverse and forward gearshifts as well.

It even brings extraordinary suspension specs, as these are considered as one of the most important parts of an ATV model. The 2017 Rincon has sports independent double-wishbone suspensions  which have r 6.9 inches of travel up front and 8.0 inches of travel at the rear side.

The 2017 Honda Rincon does a great job as it is equipped with a 5 X 8-12 front and 25 X 10-12 rear radial Maxxis tires and if we add some other features that the model gets, like the ESP, PGM-FI, TraxLok and a catalytic converter, we get ourselves a pretty nice update which is going to be a very nice offer for this type of a model.

2017 Honda Rincon front angle

ATV vehicles are now at their all-time peak in popularity and with the 2017 Honda Rincon release they are going to reach new heights. Just look at the review and find out more about this new upcoming model.


The 2017 Honda Rincon managed to get to the top of the AVP market by offering a full package of features. The model is useful and reliable as it can be and offers a complete deal with features, performance rates and equipment which combined make this perhaps the best currently available ATV model on the market. It has some of the best comfort additions and a stellar ride quality which are alone enough to make you interested in this model.

2017 Honda Rincon side view

Honda has also counteracted on the look of the vehicle and has provided it with modern feel to it that also enhances the comfort and the ride quality. People would think that there is not much one can do with the exterior of the model but in fact Honda has shown that they managed to do a lot. It even features a slew of exterior colors that you can choose and match with your personal taste and customize it the way you want.

The accessories of the model are also a big part of its setup. With Honda Genuine Accessories, we get a model which gives us the best possible and the most useful amenities you would need form this type of a vehicle. If you have ever ridden in a Honda car, you know what we are talking about as the accessories include durable, quality and genuine additions that make the offer even better.

2017 Honda Rincon rear view

New Maxxis tires are also a part of the standard setup now as they manage to provide superior traction and a longer life span that you will cherish and see fit for the model. But a lot of it is owed to the suspension of the model. Rincon’s IRS has the ability to maintain tire contact with the ground and thus makes superior traction qualities and additionally gives us an ultra smooth ride which is equally attainable even across rough terrains.

Engine and fuel efficiency

The new 2017 Honda Rincon model uses a liquid-cooled 675cc engine which is updated with some new cylinder heads this year. It adds a new  twin-spark-plug cylinder and enables fast, efficient and clean combustion now. The Rincon is actually much more safer for the environment and greener as it adds a O2 sensor and a catalytic converter. This does not only make the model cleaner but it gives it more range and better fuel efficiency. The stator with neodymium magnets produces more electric power for the car. All in all, the 2017 Honda Rincon is capable of achieving much better fuel efficiency and has enough power to help you go through various types of terrains and situations.

2017 Honda Rincon engine

Release date and price

The vehicle is going to be released this year for the Asian market, but the 2017 Honda Rincon is going to be available for its respective international markets next year. Thus the arrival in the USA is expected during the first period of 2017. The price is already known and it is going to cost you around $9,299 to own such kind of a vehicle.



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