2017 Honda S2000 Review

It appears that all of the expectations for the 2017 Honda S2000 and its comeback have been met and that the new model is underway. This has been a very popular car so far and the fans have been enjoying it. The model has received a lot of acclaim in the past and people largely wonder what is the reason for its discontinuation. But the car did get discontinued but it has done so in a way that it left some room for it to come back. Well the comeback has finally been made possible and we are in for the return of the S2000.

2017 Honda S2000 blue color

Motoring Australia was the first one to release this news but they are still keeping the release date a secret. After the re-release of such cars as Honda S660 and the announcement that the latest NSX is also making an appearance, fans were gearing for the release of the S2000 2017 version. Well it was worth to wait for this car as it will finally arrive back to us.

2017 Honda S2000 rear view

The original model made its debut back in 2000 and was an immediately hit in the sports car segment. The model was offered on the market till 2009 when it was unfortunately discontinued. The model was known as a front-mounted engine, but the 2017 version is going to change this fact and we are going to get a mid-mounted version. Maybe we cannot view the 2017 as a direct descendant of the original one due to the engine move but it is still the closest we get form a car which is going to continue the good name of the S2000 brand. Read all about it in this review and find out the latest info about it.


The design of the 2017 Honda S2000 is going to follow a contemporary feel that all of the recent Honda vehicles have been getting. With the release of so many recent cars it is important to keep a image and present the car in the appropriate light. This meant shaping it just the right way in order to make the grand return even grander. The car is thus going to share a lot of elements with the also recently announced and released models, the NSX and the S660 models. The news states that the car is going to be produced in the Performance Manufacturing Center in the U.S. This is another reason why it is easier to incorporate the elements from these two vehicles and make put them in this one as all of the three cars are produced in the same place.

2017 Honda S2000 exterior

The thing is that the NSX and the S2000 have been announced with the same production materials already. Both of the cars are going to showcase a great setup and the materials incorporated in their makings are also a very valuable part so we thing that it will boost their performance and production as well. The S2000 is going to borrow the wraparound headlights that the S660 has, the flared wheel arches and the large side air intakes. The original S2000 had a more sleek and bullet like design which everyone liked very much, but based on the current design cues the new model is going to be a robust one compared to the one seen before.


The interior of the 2017 Honda S2000 is still under construction. There are far less images released about the interior than any other part of the car. It has a lot of elements that are going to continue the sporty atmosphere that this model brings. In fact, this is for now the only spots car model that Honda provides. Even with the fact that the Honda Civic Type-R exists, it is still a variation on the Civic model. The 2017 S2000 is the only standalone sports model and Honda is stating that along the line there might be even two models released, which is not at all a band thing.

2017 Honda S2000 interior

This actually means that the interior of the car is going to follow the sporty feel that we were expecting to get. The inside is going to feature all the sport elements and additions which are going to concentrate on making the ride quality and the interior experience so much better. Also, design-wise, this model is going to combine the elements from the S660 and the NSX as well, making it the ultimate Honda sports vehicle. The mentioned cars have a very good and an appropriate setup already so it is no wonder that planning to use them may result in a fabulous looking inside for this new S2000 2017 model.

Engine specs

The greatest news about the engine for the 2017 Honda S2000 is that it is going to be a mid-mounted engine. As this was a car which featured a rear mounted one for the better part of its existence, all of that is going to change. It is both and interesting and an exciting change for the brand which is being revamped this way. The inclusion of the new type of engine is also an important factor here. The fact is that it is not going to be an unfamiliar one but an engine that we already know and certainly do the fans of Honda. The incorporated engine is the 2.0-liter, turbocharged, four-cylinder engine which is actually a modified version of the one used for the Honda Civic Type-R model. It is also expected that there is going to be an added electric engine which is going to combine for this newest version. The expected output is given at  365 horsepower with the power sent to the rear wheels with the help of a seven-speed, dual-clutch automatic transmission.

2017 Honda S2000 engine

Release date and price

The release date is the most eagerly anticipated fact about the 2017 Honda S2000 model. As fans have been waiting this long for a confirmation about the car to come the only thing missing is the accurate release date that they want to know about. We have to say that we have been also eagerly to find out the exact one and it appears that our wait is going to be over as the car is released next year, in the later part of 2017. The model is going to come at a price which going to go beyond the  $36,795  that the latest model was sold for.


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