2017 Jeep Commander Review

Be prepared as the newest 2017 Jeep Commander is on its way. After a period of waiting and assuming, Jeep has finally gotten closer to actually releasing its Commander model. The car has been on the sidelines for a while and there were not many indications whether we would get so see it come back. Although there were some teases we did not have an ultimate confirmation. This is of course until now as Jeep has made preparations and is getting close on a release date.

The Jeep Commander model was introduced in 2005 and was considered to be the US Chrysler SUV. The famous SUV model had a great fan base which it established early in its career as it had great performance and suitable fuel economy. The comfort levels were decent and it also brought to the car’s potential.

2017 Jeep Commander side view

Now we are going to see it back in action but with a few tweaks here and there. The model has gone through a remolding stage and the latest production is going to add some improvements to the vehicle that we have seen the last time on display. The inside is going to receive some updates and it is going to features some innovations which are going to bring it to the next level. Read all about it in the review and find out what the upcoming changes for the 2017 Jeep Commander are.

Exterior design

The 2017 Jeep Commander is going to get a careful update for its exterior design. In fact it is more the suitable for the car to be designed like this as Jeep is not used to adding too much and making revolutionary changes on the fly. What they are sticking here is a familiar formula that is used for the majority of its designs. For years they have managed to combined the fresh with the familiar and they are rightfully going to do the same here. The all new Jeep engineering and the advances that they have made during the years are going to fit well with the old, familiar and traditional cues which fit in well together.

2017 Jeep Commander exterior

With the 2017 Jeep Commander the designers mean to take the proud tradition of this car to a whole new level. The familiar and legendary capabilities of a Jeep model car are certainly going to be present here and will complement the given changes. The dimensions are also going to be favorable for the inside of the car as it will keep the capabilities and the interior comforts that the model needs.

Interior features

The 2017 Jeep Commander has perhaps added more on the inside than it would be expected. They are keeping the inside traditional but they are still making it as plush and innovative as possible. It still comes with three rows of seats and it will be able to allow access to seven passengers at the same time. To manage the car’s comfort levels even more it will come with enough space to support the given properties. We think that this model is a car which rises the comfort levels to a whole new perspective compared to the previous incarnations of the car.

2017 Jeep Commander interior view

The model is also going to feature a few trims, like the Sport and the Limited versions. Thus within the standard version you get the basic equipment which is the assistance driver seat, AC, and CD stereo. Sport trims add a bit more with heated up seats with leather-based upholstery, adjustable pedals, climate handle technique and more innovative and updated gadgets. The Limited has the largest offer of equipment to offer as besides everything else seen in other trims it additionally comes with satellite radio, power sunroof and twin skylights. The back seat area also includes some bonus features like DVD entertainment procedure to help the people in the back stay entertained.

Engine update

There are several options for your 2017 Jeep Commander as they have been made available for the latest care. What you could do with is a 3.7 liter V6 engine, which is also the base form offered, which can go and produce 235 pound-feet for torque plus 210 horsepower. But there is an added option which is going to be available for the Sport trim and higher and comes to us in the form of a  5,7 liter V8 engine. This one will be able to produce more power but the specs have still not been officially announced. But what we do know is that the car is going to come with an updated 5-speed intelligent transmitting system which is going to add to the fuel economy of the car and produce a lot better performance and shifting ability.

2017 Jeep Commander engine

Release date and price

We are getting closer to the release or our 2017 Jeep Commander as the model hits the market next year. Namely the car has been finally scheduled for a release in March in the upcoming year after a long period of teases. Unfortunately, the price ratings have not been given so far officially, but according to the changes being brought here and the previous car’s pricing, we can expect a figure somewhere in between 40.000 and 50.000 USD which is also going to depend on the trim level also.

2017 Jeep Commander exterior, alloy wheels


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