The 2017 Lincoln MKT in its majesic crossover SUV spleandor

Lincoln cars have come and gone and come again. The American car maker has been flying under the Ford Motor Company for a while, serving some memorable autos in the process. The 2017 Lincoln MKT comes through to try and continue in thus trend.

Once you set your eyes on the new Lincoln MKT, you will never be able to forget. The iconic grill is right there in your face. With overall styling in the mold of other top SUVs, the MKT tries to budge in on this lucrative market.

The American car maker also installed a multitude of high end electronics in the interior. Taken together with the excellent craftsmanship, the elegance of the cabin leaves one feeling cocooned in luxury.

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With a spacious interior, that included three rows of seats, this piece from Lincoln looks set to be a hit with the average soccer mom for hauling the family.

Let’s take a peek into the MKT and see what makes it a good crossover utility vehicle.

Interior of the 2017 Lincoln MKT

The most impressive thing about the interior of the new Lincoln MKT is the fact that it has plenty of room for sitting. This, therefore, is likely to appeal to those families that love to travel together.

The seven heated seats that are offered in this crossover SUV are covered in leather. This is pretty standard in the trims that Lincoln offers for this model. The elegance of the leather is further accentuated by the wood trim that lines the interior.

2017 Lincoln MKT has an awesome interior
The SYNC 3 system display in the MKT interior

For travelling purposes, the cargo space of the 2017 Lincoln MKT is a huge 17.9 cubic feet according to U.S. News. This can be made larger if you are travelling big by folding up the third row of seats. Even bigger by folding the second row as well  if you are not travelling with the entire family.

As regards the infotainment during the ride, the MKT offers Lincoln’s SYNC 3 system which is known for its simplicity during use. With this sytem, you can connect either your Apple mobile device or their Android equivalent and still have excellent output.

What’s under Lincoln’s hat?

As is the wont with many American made cars, the engine is always big and powerful. In the 2017 Lincoln MKT, the V6 makes a noisy appearance in two forms.

The base trim of the MKT, a front wheel driver car,  carries a 3.7 liter engine. This works hand in hand with a 6 speed automatic transmission gear box. It is capable of churning out a maximum horsepower of 303 hp as well as torque of 278 pound-feet.

On the other hand, the high end all wheel drive trim has a twin turbo 3.5 liter V6 installed. This greener power unit spins out a horsepower amounting to 365 hp and a torque of 350 pound-feet.


The exterior of the 2017 Lincoln splits opinion. This is probably due to the angular features combined with some smooth curves. This combination of the retro angular features especially at the front and the contemporary curves else where makes for an undecided exterior.

The front grill is typical Lincoln vertical slats in 2 sets separated by a septum adorning the car maker’s cross insignia. There is an angular ridge that comes down the hood and fades into the aforementioned septum.

Well sculpted rear of the 2017 Lincoln MKT
The stop light dominates the rear of the 2017 MKT

There is a front intake grill running the entire length of the bottom of the front. It sports a fog light on either side. The front headlights a fully automatic projector lamps with a pretty flat look.

The rear end is dominated by the rear stop light that is in the form of a red band across the back. This is adorned with a chrome strip in the form of the Lincoln badge.


  • Wheelbase: 117.9 inches
  • Length: 207.6 inches
  • Width: 76 inches
  • Max Speed: unknown
  • 0-60 mph: unknown
  • Passenger volume: 7 passengers
  • Storage volume: 17.9 cubic feet
  • Curb weight: 4702 pounds
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: city 16 mpg | highway 24 mpg
  • Available exterior colors: Black Velvet, Palladium White Gold Metallic, Luxe Silver Metallic, Midnight Sapphire Blue Metallic, Ingot Silver Metallic, Burgundy Velvet Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, Ruby Red Metallic Tinted Clearcoat, White Platinum Metallic Tri-Coat
  • Towing capacity: 2000 pounds

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Release date and price

The new Lincoln MKT carries a price tag ranging from $43,500 to $49,500. Per 2017 – 2018 BEST CAR REVIEWS, the MKT is likely to hit the dealerships in August of 2017.

2017 Lincoln MKT wide angle view
Angular features prominent at the front
2017 Lincoln MKT showing rear storage
Storage capacity can be increased by folding the rear seats


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