Here are some information on 2017 Lincoln MKX release date and the review of the new car model.

Sometime ago Ford announced its long term goals and strategies which involved the rise in volume and output of luxury vehicles which will reach its peak in 2020. That being the long-term goal, the short term goal was the production of a MKX vehicle and its presentation and outbreak in China. The release date was set for the Detroit Motor Show when this car has been presented to the general public and Ford’s revolution began.

2017 Lincoln MKX side

Firstly, during the 2014 Beijing Motor Show, the MKX concept crossover made its official debut. It gave us a glimpse about what the production model is going to bring at the table but gave us no accurate release date on the matter. The answer arrived at the Detroit Motor Show of 2015 when we finally managed to get our answer and see the actual car which is called the 2017 Lincoln MKX.

The production model of the MKX actually mirrors in many turns the concept car which has been revealed first. From the pictures you can see the stellar design in which the Lincoln MKX has been built and the manner in which the car resembles its aforementioned and firstly presented concept model. Judging by the first look at the car and the specs it offers us, the car is truly going to enable the much needed rise in sales that this car desperately has needed for a long time.

2017 Lincoln MKX front side

2017 Lincoln MKX Exterior

The design of the 2017 Lincoln MKX is like anything you have seen before, or at lease seen from its predecessors. The vehicle sports a look which has departed a long way from it siblings and has given he vehicle and much sportier corporate look, unique in its case. The designers have perhaps hit the nail on its head with the design of this vehicle as it is certainly its most prized asset.

2017 Lincoln MKX grill

The MKX has dropped the boxy look of its preceding models and has adopted a more sleeker and leaner one. At front, notice the split wing grille with the addition of blade like headlamps which give the edge to the new MKX vehicle. With the addition of some elegant features, the MKX has well balanced proportions which were not the case with the older models.

The 2017 MKX includes a slopping roof, wraparound taillights, muscular rear fenders and a newly designed rear apron. Also the rectangular exhaust tips is something new for the vehicle, but much of these changes were already present on the concept car which were adopted by the production model and with good measure.

2017 Lincoln MKX rear


The interior of the car been adapted so it can fight off the competition of the models from the same branch, meaning that a lot of the good things that grace the MKX’s competition have been adapted and combine into this car. The 2017 Lincoln MKX is graced with a technological upgrade, some fine leather to enhance the comfort and updated safety features as well.

2017 Lincoln MKX interior

The inside of the cabin which is not wood or metal has been embroidered with high-grade leather, expanding the level of the comfort of the car through the roof. The new Revel audio system is perhaps one of the highlight of the inside of the car and certainly the crown jewel, but we cannot leave out the new adjustable seats which can be moved and adjusted in 22 different settings.

To mention also 360-degree camera system, pre-collision assist, automatic parallel and perpendicular parking, with cross-traffic alert make the new 2017 Lincoln MKX one of the safest vehicles on the road. The technological upgrade has done good by the MKX and is not just fascinating to look at but very useful to enjoy as well.

2017 Lincoln MKX rea


When it comes to what’s hiding under the hood, there are two answers in fact. You can also choose from a front-wheel and all-wheel drive as well, depending on your liking.

The first engine option includes a 3.7-liter V-6 engine which can achieve 300 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque. This was actually the engine which was used in the previous model and although it is a steady and stable choice for this car, some people are baffled why the people from Ford have decided to keep it. Luckily there is a second engine choice to go with it.

2017 Lincoln MKX engine

The 2.7-liter, EcoBoost V-6 is perhaps the more logical choice when it comes to choosing an engine for the new 2017 Lincoln MKX. By using this type of an engine the car will be able to achieve the numbers which state 330 ponies and 370 pound-feet. Although this is a much better fit for the car, the two engine options are perhaps given in order to keep the old but attract the new crowd as well.

2017 Lincoln MKX wheel

Release Date & Price of 2017 Lincoln MKX

As the current price of the MKX vehicle stands at $38,900, it is expected that for the SUV model the expenditures will rise to a sum of $40,000 for the new 2017 Lincoln MKX.

Lincoln MKX will be released in the second end of 2017. Stay tuned.


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