2017 Lincoln Navigator Review

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator model is upon us. The concept of the model has been drawn up and we are getting ready for the release of the production vehicle which is going to be released by the end of this year and will be labeled as a 2017 model. In fact, the Navigator was due for an update as the current model was already out there from 2007 and was getting a little bit dated. As the makers in Lincoln decided to breath in some new life to the model they have planned a reshaping of it which is going to culminate with the final release.

2017 Lincoln Navigator front view

The modern design is going to be mainly based on the fact that the car needs to shed some weight. They plan to make the latest Navigator a much lighter vehicle and are planning to shave as much as 700 pounds. This is planned with the introduction of a steel frame, something that we have already seen in the latest Ford F-150 model. By using high-strength steel this makes the model much lighter and at the same time stronger, but they also add the use of some aluminum  and other lightweight materials in order to shed the pounds.

The V-8 engine has been dropped from the lineup with the 2015 model, but we are not going to see it come back with the 2017 version, despite the wishes that the fans have proposed. The unit that remains is the V-6 EcoBoost unit but there are some rumors that a hybrid option may also appear as well.

2017 Lincoln Navigator rear view

They are basing the design of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator concept on their MKX design so the vehicles are going to have some similarities in terms of its exterior look. The car also gets a significant upgrade on the inside making it comparable to models such as Cadillac Escalade, BMW X7 and the Range Rover Land Rover models. Read about all the specs of the car in this review.


The newest 2017 Lincoln Navigator concept is going to have some new and modern looks given to it. The model has benefited from a great update as they manage to make the exterior of the car much better than it used to be. The vehicle is a standout and receives a lot of cool new updates and look enhancements that are going to make the already dated look of the current one much better. If we look at the latest flock of vehicles which Lincoln is outputting recently, models such as MKZ, MKS and MKX, we see the direction they are trying to go with their newer models. The Navigator can best be compared with the MKX as they have combined some new elements from this one and used the traditional Navigator ones to combine for a fresh new look.

2017 Lincoln Navigator side view

The car is also planned to be as fuel efficient as it can possibly be, thus we are getting a car which is much lighter and more appropriate. The model receives an update when it comes to the materials being used for its exterior. It incorporates new aluminum bodywork and a lightweight platform as well. This is a concept made possible with the release of the Ford F-150 which has proven to be a great formula and other vehicles are following suit. The pattern checks out and we are certainly getting a much more modern car with the latest 2017 Lincoln Navigator.


The interior of the 2017 Lincoln Navigator has been updated with lots of new features. Making the car a lot more contemporary is a slew of interior updates that mainly concentrate on upgrading the comfort as well as the technological side of the car. The car uses the latest MyFord Touch system which has been updated and fits nicely in the car. This can be sued through a new toucschreen matted on the dashboard and you can use other features as updated navigation and climate control.

2017 Lincoln Navigator interior

The model also adds some new elements when it comes to materials being used. The car incorporates a lot of things which can be called innovative but a lot of them are mostly featured in the concept model. Many of them will not make it to the production version of the car but we still get a good enough setup. The model adds high grade materials and comfortable seating arrangements with enough space for all passengers to feel comfy.


As mentioned, the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is going to use the type of an engine that was part of its current setup. The nostalgic fans may miss the V-8 model but it is not going to make a comeback, at least not for this version and we would assume even not for future installments. It appears that Ford has other things in plan as they are possibly going to go hybrid with this model. The car is going to use the 3.5 liter V-6 engine that is going to provide an output of 380 horsepower and 460 lbs-ft of torque. The engine specs up to 0-60 mph in 6.7 seconds.

2017 Lincoln Navigator engine

Release date and price

The release date is still not officially set but the 2017 Lincoln Navigator is going to be unofficially released by the end of this year. The date which is certainly going to be scheduled by then sees the car production ready by the end of this year although it remains labeled as a 2017 model. The base price of the concept version is priced at 63,115 dollars as a starting price.



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