When anyone mentions Mini Cooper, what comes to mind is a quirky, gorgeous hatchback with dreamy eyes for front headlights. The 2017 Mini Cooper carries much of that quirky charm that has made Mini so loved for decades.

Though this is a hatchback, it does manage to put in a considerable performance which beats out most of the competition. This edition of the Mini hatchback has a few design changes on the outside, with the team preferring the tried and tested method. On the inside, however, the tech packed within catches up to this day and age.

Beneath the hood, is a respectable engine that gives enough power as well as handling that makes it a joy to take around a winding track. Mini offers this new Cooper as a two door, though there is also a four door option.

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Engine in the 2017 Mini Cooper

There are three kinds of engines that the car maker offers for the 2017 Mini. Many of the base variants are sporting a 1.5 liter intercooled turbo power unit that gives out a maximum horsepower of 134 hp at 4500 revs per minute (rpm).  It also has a torque of 162 pound feet at 1250 rpm. This engine sounds rather gravelly though.

To avoid this, the manufacturer has offered a much nicer sounding 2.0 liter version of the same engine. This piece manages a larger horsepower output, clocking in at around 189 hp at 4700 revs per minute. It does this with a torque of 207 pound feet at 1250 rpm.

2017 Mini Cooper engine bay
Engine bay of John Cooper Works trim

For the John Cooper Works version of the hatchback, the manufacturer installed a 2.0 liter intercooled premium unleaded engine with gasoline direct injection. This gives a much higher horsepower reading of 228 hp at 5200 rpm and torque of 236 pound feet at 1250 rpm.

The base variant engines are connected to 6 speed automatic transmission gear boxes whereas the latter pair have 6 speed manual transmission.

Interior of the hatchback

The interior of the 2017 Mini Cooper is small, there is just no way around that. Well, there is, but it does not change much. Instead of the two door version that is really cramped at the back, one can opt for the four door version.

Aside from the space issue, there are actually quite a number of good things about the interior of this Mini. As a standard, the seats of the Cooper are covered in leatherette. This makes it stand out from its competitors whose upholstery is not up to scratch.

The other surfaces are decked out in a high quality plastic material that is soft to the touch. The designs and stylings of the interior also add an elegant and chic quality to the cabin of this Mini Cooper. The seats take up a form reminiscent of sports car seats, a feature that makes the Cooper quite desirable.

2017 Mini Cooper with futuristic interior
The seats are covered in top quality leatherette.

The folks over at Mini have also decided to add an infotainment system as a standard starting with this 2017 model. There is a 6.5 inch screen that lets the driver interface with the BMW iDrive based system. There are a few chrome accents around the dashboard that make the cabin seem kind of futuristic.


The exterior of the 2017 Mini Cooper is classic Mini. One’s attention is drawn straight away to the large, circular headlights. The overall styling, however, gives off the sporty nature of this subcompact class car.

The front lights make up the forward edge corners of the hood. There is a slight air intake port before the front grille as well as intake grille towards the bottom of the front bumper. The front grille is ringed off by a strip of chrome. The hexagonal mesh does not fill the whole of this however. The bottom part within this ring is taken up by a dark bar.

The roof of the Mini is straight is extends towards the back. It terminates into a spoiler at the very top of the trunk door. The rear lights also make an appearance on either side of the rear end as big, gleaming red orbs.

2017 Min Cooper stunning rear view
Large, gleaming red rear lights iconic of Mini Cooper

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  • Wheelbase: 98.2 inches
  • Length: 151.9 inches
  • Width: 68 inches
  • Max Speed: unknown
  • 0-60 mph: unknown
  • Passenger volume: 4 passengers in 2 door, 5 in 4 door
  • Storage volume: 8.7 cubic feet
  • Curb weight: 2760 pounds
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: 23 mpg city | 32 mpg highway
  • Available exterior colors: unknown
  • Towing capacity: N/A

Price and Release Date

The 2017 Mini Cooper has a manufacturer’s suggested retail price ranging from $20,950 to $35,650 across the trims. The subcompact was released to the market in the latter stages of 2016.


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