We should expect the new and improved Nissan Leaf for 2017 to come adorned with brand new technologies and features over the previous year’s model. Some of these improvements include a useful cruising range, an affordable base price, spacious and quiet cabin, and tons of ample features. The release date of this marvelous vehicle are still under wraps but we should expect them anytime soon.

The model was introduced about four years ago, and garnered a substantial following. Within that span, the electric vehicles segment has seen a robust evolution from just an auto show novelty to a serious mainstream business case, mostly because of the Leaf. The vehicle has been on the forefront in trying to persuade thousands of shoppers to shift to the electric side of regular compact cars and make the EV leap, which comes with the affordability of a family sedan.

For 2017, shoppers will not disappointed with the upcoming new Nisan Leaf, which comes short of spending up to thrice as much as buying a Tesla Model S. On a full battery charge, you should expect the Leaf to travel up to an impressive 84 miles. However, that range might not sound that reassuring especially for long-range suburban commuters who don’t have access to a filling station.

According to Nissan, the Leaf trim level will exclusively determine how long the vehicle will take to recharge the battery. In a more practical sense, the standard S model will come with the slowest onboard charger rated at 3.3kW, but the others will have a quicker one rated at 6.6kW. A full battery charger will cost you about four hours when hooked to a 240V power outlet. Additionally, the vehicle comes equipped with a quick-charge port and a high-capacity power source which guarantees you a maximum of 80% capacity in just half an hour.

Among the top-notch features that the Leaf features is its cutting edge technology and a comfortable cabin that comes chock full of soft-to-touch materials that certainly don’t intimidate. The upscale technological features and specs won’t need you to be a computer guru to operate Leaf’s bells and whistles. Furthermore, the vehicle also comes with a laudable cargo and interior space.

Still, the new 2017 Nisan Leaf will have to contend with other competitors well-placed on certain things than it can provide. For instance, the Ford Focus Electric comes as the most matching alternative to the Leaf, and offers sharper handling and a little power than the Leaf. Others include Fiat 500e, Chevrolet Spark EV, and Volkswagen Golf.

Interior Changes & Exterior Photos – 2017 Nisan Leaf

The four-door 2017 Nisan Leaf comes in a walloping three trims ranging from the sprightly equipped S to the plush SL trim.

Some of the standard features to expect from the base S include an automatic climate control, a 4.3” touchscreen display, full power accessories, a satellite radio, a 3.6kW onboard charger, four speaker premium sound system, a tilt-and-telescopic steering wheel, Bluetooth audio and phone connectivity, a 6-way manually-adjustable driver seat, keyless entry and ignition, 16” steel wheels, heated outside mirrors, and a rearview camera.

2017 Nisan Leaf inside

Moving on to the 2017 Nisan Leaf SV gets you cruise control, Pandora smartphone integration, a navigation system, a 7” touchscreen display, 17” touchscreen display, an auto-dimming rearview mirror, Nissan’s Carwings telematics, and a partially recycled cloth upholstery.

Expect the well-equipped 2017 Nisan Leaf SL to come equipped with LED foglights and headlights, leather upholstery, a rear spoiler, and a quick-charger port.

Additionally, Nissan has also made several features available as options bundled into packages. Some of these features include a 7-speaker Bose stereo system, LED foglights and headlights, and a 360-degree parking camera.

2017 Nisan Leaf front side

Engine Specs – 2017 Nisan Leaf

Expect a combination of a 24kW lithium-ion battery ad 80kW electric motor to power the FWD 2017 Nisan Leaf. According to Leaf, the 2015 year model is able to sprint from 0-60 mph in just 9.9 seconds.

Nissan claims that with a 240V power source, the quick charge port can recharge the battery to up to 80% capacity in just thirty minutes.

2017 Nisan Leaf front grille

Date Of Release and Price – 2017 Nisan Leaf

The release date is still under wraps but we should expect it anytime soon. As for the price, expect the base 2017 Nisan Leaf to come with a starting MSRP of $29,860.

2017 Nisan Leaf back

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