2017 Nissan Patrol Review

The latest 2017 Nissan Patrol is getting an overhaul. This model is the sixth-generation model of the legendary car which has really made a name of itself in Japan and also the Australian market. The model has been around for 60 years already and has gone through five generations but in the last 15 years there was not much added for the Patrol car.

The growing popularity of this car in the UAE market was surprising and the car received a great acceptation there. The car was actually build for the market with its wheel on the left side, abandoning the needs for the markets which have already made it popular. But in order to bring back the popularity, the Nissan Patrol is being renovated for the Australian, New Zealand and South African market with a wheel positioned on the right side. The car may come two years too late but it is never too late when a good car is at foot.

The car is going to come back noticeably bigger. With the 2017 redesign the most obvious part is that the car is going to be bigger, longer and taller. With the length of 90 mm more, 55 mm in height and 85 mm wider. But they do not stop there as fro the 21st century one has to have a good and expanded interior. The technological updates are very interesting and they offer a contemporary approach for the inside of the Patrol car.

Exterior Redesign

Looking at the vehicle from the outside, you do not notice many differences for the latest 2017 Nissan Patrol. In fact, it is the same kind of car with the looks that it had before. There are just some superficial changes added which are going to make a small difference between the current and the new 2017 version. What they concentrated on was to bring us a luxurious package which is mostly made for the interior of the car. That is why the exterior changes are mostly made to suit and do a lot of favors for the inside of the car.

The most obvious changes include the car being bigger, wider and longer. They have expanded the dimensions of the vehicle which is going to do it a lot of good as it will be much more balanced. As this is an all-terrain vehicle it is always good to have a boisterous model which brings forth reliability and bigger dimensions means more balance and better handling in these kind of terrains. As for the interior, the expanded dimensions are going to be very suitable and will expand the inside, at the same time allowing it to add more comfort.

Interior Updates and Changes

The luxury of the interior for the 2017 Nissan Patrol is the main priority of the car. They have managed to make some big changes for the inside and with the already present off-road capability, the car gets an expanded range of gadgetry on the inside. First of all, the obvious dimensions change has brought forth a lot of interior space and comfort both for the front and rear passengers. The car can accommodate taller people in the front and has more legroom in the back now. There are roof vents placed on the back as well as climate control features which combine with the soft materials which only get better with the higher trims of the vehicle.

The plastic materials added inside the Patrol are in fact nothing special and look pretty sound. You actually get your money’s worth. The dashboard details have been expanded and the car gets a nice layout which is going to allow the driver to have a good overlay of the situation and the position they are in. You can find woodgrain material on the console and there are some lush finishes on the the inside which bring the necessary contrast and make the complete interior update. It has been updated with all the latest technological updates as well but the only fault is that there are some crucial details and technological updates missing for the highest level of the Patrol now which is unexceptional.

Engine Power and Performance

All of the three offered trim level for the 2017 Nissan Patrol are going to be using the same kind of engine. The Patrol offers us the use of a single engine which is the 5.6-litre V8 that can offer the drivers a power of 298 horsepower and 560 ft of torque. This is a powerful car and has all the makings of it being a useful and tremendous all terrain vehicle, but the fuel consumption levels are still high compared to the competition. Although this car manages to get the most out of its powerful drivetrain it still cannot compete against the closers rivals when it comes to fuel economy specs.

Release Date and Price

The newest 2017 Nissan Patrol is going to get its release for the beginning of the year. The car has been announced to make a comeback for the respected markets where it first came to be know. Being somewhat hampered with the growing popularity which was made in their UAE markets, the base ones are now going to be attended. This means that the people from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa can expect to see their models available by the start of the year.

As for the price of the 2017 Nissan Patrol car, you can expect the base ST-L level to start at $82,200. Higher trims are going to be offered at a price of $92,850 for the Ti and $113,900 for the Ti-L trim.



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