Awesome aesthetics of the 2017 Nissan Z35

Harking back to the Datsun body work, the 2017 Nissan Z35 comes through with a cute little sporty design. However, let not the size of the car make you underestimate its capabilities. The Z35 does pack a powerful punch.

The Japanese car maker has gone all out to make this Z series Nissan a wonder to behold. The exterior alone is the typical Nissan design for their sports cars that will have many gamers itching to get their hands on this in real life.

The engine is the stuff of dreams for petrolheads. The V6 is a capable powerunit but executives at Nissan are hinting at phasing it out. Its replacement? Rumors are hinting at a twin turbo 4 cylinder engine.

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Let’s unpack this sports car and see what Nissan is bringing to the table this year.

2017 Nissan Z35 engine specs

The Z series from Nissan has been reliant on its V6 engine because of the power that this unit manages to push out. However, in this era of the green practices of environmental friendliness, engineers might bring this engine to an end.

The proposed replacement is a 2.5 liter turbo charged four cylinder engine which has been touted to eke out a maximum horsepower of 280 hp.

2017 Nissan Z35 powerunit
The V6 is being slowly phased out

Nissan’s in-house performance tweakers Nismo is purportedly working on a more powerful version of this for the extreme petrolheads. This stronger engine is able to go all out and clock a horspower reading of 330 hp.

How about that for power!

New Z35 exterior styling

You know that moment in cartoons when the character’s eyes pop out and turn into hearts? That is the exact reaction many will have after setting eyes to the 2017 Nissan Z35 for the first time.

This is one hell of a beautiful car!

Designed especially for the American market, Nissan gets a lot of design cues from the Datsun platform which was so successful for the car maker in the past years. The smooth lines and swooping styles are present for all to see.

The hood of this new 2017 Nissan swoops low towards the front before terminating stylishly in a splendid front intake grill. The car has stylish slits for headlights, with three lamps from within. This gives the car that sporty and aggressive look.

2017 Nissan Z35 interior with modern looking interior
The driver is cocooned in elegant sportiness

The side view of the car evokes the stereotypical sports car look. The roof slopes ever so gently to terminate into a small spoiler at the rear. The rear is rounded out and also has well designed tail lights.

2017 Nissan Z35 interior

There is not much out there regarding the interior of the Nissan Z35. What is clear, however, is the fact that Nissan did not clutter the interior of the car. Since it is a small cabin, this is a good thing.

The instrument panel looks sophisticated enough to show that there is a futuristic aspect going on. The Z at the center of the steering wheel is an excellent touch to remind you that you’re still on the ground in a Nissan and not a space ship.

The knobs and buttons are all within reasonable reach to ensure safe and convenient driving. Nissan has also installed a few chrome inserts to add a touch of elegance to the sporty interior of the car.

Price and Release Date

The price tag of the 2017 Nissan Z35 has been touted to be around $30,000 according to Nissan Car Models. The car will be made available for purchase towards the mid way point of 2017.

2017 Nissan Z35 with awesome exterior styling
The aesthetics of this Z35 are on point.

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  • Wheelbase: unknown
  • Length: not yet known
  • Width: not yet known
  • Max Speed: not yet known
  • 0-60 mph: not yet known
  • Passenger volume: 2 passengers
  • Storage volume: n/a
  • Curb weight: not yet known
  • MPG (miles per gallon) for both city and highway: not yet known
  • Available exterior colors: not yet known
  • Towing capacity: n/a



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