The news about the 2017 Pontiac Firebird coming back has stunned a lot of people. The legendary brand that put Pontiac on the map is making a comeback and we will be able to see the entirely of the car pretty soon as the preparations for its release have been made for the coming year. The car has been out from the market for a period of time and we only got some special edition models which have been released to celebrate the brand’s achievements. But as the special edition models did so well the hunger of the fans has left Pontiac looking to bring back the model.

This has been a possible solution for quite some time and Pontiac has teased us before by releasing some renderings and photos of the car to show us how it might look. But the car was under development for all that time and it is only now seeing the light of day and the possibility of getting a release. The car is going to be a sedan version as we have learned and will incorporate a sporty style which is the hallmark of every Firebird that came before it.

The 2017 model year has already prepared us for the introduction of some great vehicles and models and why not get another one. The Pontiac Firebird brands is an established one so even the younger crowds are familiar with it. It will not take too much to popularize the car and bring it back to the limelight. Based on the issued spy photos and the information that has leaked, we were able to devise our review and will even give you a close release date for it as well.


Exterior Design for the 2017 Pontiac Firebird

The exterior look of the 2017 Pontiac Firebird is a smart combination of the modern and the legendary. They smarty keep what they can from the original Firebird model and update it in a modernistic fashion to make it as accessible to the new audience as possible. It is a medium sized sedan model which is not only sporty but very aerodynamic as well.  The design elements that were changed include the car receiving an entire new front fascia.

The front bumper has been completely restyled to fit the modern market and the same thing goes for the rear one as well. It adds incorporated LED features on it and also get the new type of headlights as well. The grille has been redesigned as well in order to have better integration with the overall look of the cow car and goes well with the new side sills which have also been restyled to fit the new kind of style of the model.

Generally speaking, the car went through a lot of updating and the changes which were introduced are making it very nice looking. It will certainly be fun to drive this model and its coupe and convertible versions have gone through the same kind of changes and look pretty well. It is a throwback to a different time but in a fashion which gives us new modern vehicle.

2017 Pontiac Firebird-rear-view-taillights

Inside Updates and Changes

The inside is going to get a modernistic kind of update for the 2017 Pontiac Firebird as well. The interior of the car will be more in tune with the traditional look of the car that the outside. There are going to be major technological updates for the car as well but the Firebird remains true in a way to its roots and regular style.

The inside is a sporty environment which gives us a look and a lot of throwback pieces to some classic models of the Firebird that came before it. We can see a lot of elements that showcase the excellence of the car and remind us just how well the car looked. The model brings us back to a different period but also reminds us that this is the new age model also. With some updated technological features and some convenience features, the car receives updates that are providing it with leather seats, navigation, satellite radio, and a modern infotainment system. These racks are modified a bit to fit in some new type of technology and modern equipment and remind us just how well the car functions.


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Engine Ability and Specs

There are two engine options that came to mention with the 2017 Pontiac Firebird. The base version is the 3.7 LITER V6 cylinder unit which makes 05 HP of max power as well as 280 lbs. feet of max torque.  The other option is the 5.0 LITER  V-8 engine that is  powerful and performance orientated option which offers 420 HP of max power, with 390 lbs. feet of max torque. Both of the available powertrains will be combined with a  6 speed automatic, and there is a optional Tremec 6-speed manual and also a regular 6-speed manual version given as well. The fuel economy is not that great, which was expected, as the car is more of a performance car so it receives EPA ratings of  15/31 mpg in the city/highway.


Release Date and Price

The speculations about the release date for the 2017 Pontiac Firebird are all different. The leaked information that we have received tells us that the car is certainly going to be out by the end of the year. This leaves us for a release between the middle and the end of 2017. Based on the level of production for the car and how it looks now, this is a great possibility for the model and we might get to see it in action by this time. The given pricing is going to be somewhere at  $ 36 000 to $ 41 000, which may be a bit pricy but well worth it if you want to own a legendary brand as the Firebird is.



  1. Who ever wrote the piece “the car that put Pontiac on the map” is an “IDIOT”.
    The Pontiac “GTO” earlier in that decade
    put Pontiac on the ” map” .
    Thank You .


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