2017 Subaru Tribeca Review

With the newest Subaru releases goring in peace, there one more being rumored was well, the 2017 Subaru Tribeca is assembly going to make its premier this season as they are coming back with an updated form of the newest vehicle that we were expecting to see. Subaru has been pretty busy as of late and has released or announced a number of cars already under its wing. Some of them include such models as the Subaru Outback, Subaru Legacy and Subaru Forester. This model is going to only add and build up on the releases that eh Japanese automaker is gearing on rereleasing next year.

2017 Subaru Tribeca exterior view

The current Subaru Tribeca has not been putting major sales numbers and was due for an updated. The market was a hotly contested one and the Tribeca could not manage to put on any resistance towards its competition. It is more than reasonable that the model gets an update and that this model receives the praise it needed. The crossover market is actually one of the most popular ones and has the most amount of models from various kinds of automakers, so it is still going to be hard even fro the updated 2017 Subaru Tribeca to offer the best it can even here.

2017 Subaru Tribeca rear view

With the latest models coming from Mitsubishi, Honda and Hyundai which have been flooding the market it is going to be hard for the Tribeca to make it to the US. This is way you can expect to see the Subaru Tribeca only back for the Australian market with no US release this year as well. We think that this is for the better as the 2017 Subaru Tribeca may stand to make a lot more noise in the market like the Australian one is.

Exterior design

The 2017 Subaru Tribeca is a model which is going to break the 3-row bench segment and we see it as gearing up for great things with the latest models. This one is going to inherit the underpinnings of the newer models which have already been announced for the American market. The lengthier Legacy and Outback models which have been designed to features added dimensions and have an elongated base. The Tribeca is featuring an update in the same way which might bring it more fandom that way as the brethren vehicles have already received so much attention.

2017 Subaru Tribeca front view

The 2017 Subaru Tribeca is a 7 +1 passenger vehicle and with the added space will offer more comfort and added spacing on the inside which will see the passengers feeling much comfier. This model is going to be the first which is going to receive some styling tips from the recently unveiled VIZIV 2 concept model seen at the latest Geneva Show. The concept is supposed to introduce the styling language of the future for the Subaru models and seeing it here means that they plan to use it as a spring board for the newest type of the design that they are preparing. The initial features that we can see transferred form the concept model are the elongated headlights and hex grille which sits much taller compared to the one seen on the Outback.


The interior of the 2017 Subaru Tribeca is going to go through  fashionable remodeling and will bring more comfort and a better atmosphere to the people inside. This is remarkably played with the added spacing which initially starts everything. Better comfort features add more legroom and headroom particularly for the people in the back. The luxury feel is made with the two-tone cabin and better materials which have been updated for the newest Tribeca giving us new upholstery and fine materials on the seats, door panels and the dash as well.

2017 Subaru Tribeca interior

The dash has been modified and there is a different style made. It still resembles the old one but has some added features taken from the current Subaru models as well. It is going to receive a new gearbox, with two speedometers and power steering as well. You can check your newest touchscreen which has the automatic temperature control, satellite radio, weather updates, GPS and GMS as well. The infotainment section has also received a boost and the 6-inch touchscreen offers some added features as well with an updated audio system.


The information about the 2017 Subaru Tribeca powertrain have been disclosed, finally, and we are fully aware of the engine that gets to be used. The car will be powered with a  3.6 liters 6-Inline technology engine. This is something that is going to be transfer form the concept that Subaru has unveiled but the official specs have not been released which is mainly due to the fact that the specs from the concepts are not official as well. As for the fuel economy, early prediction give us a rate of 40 gallon per mile in the city ride situations while the highway drive is measured at 51 mpg.

Release date and price

2017 Subaru Tribeca side view

The Australian-based model which the 2017 Subaru Tribeca is, will be seen in the market from next year. The release din the homefront and the Australian market is scheduled for the beginning of 2017 while there are no news about a US release, but we can wait and see for that sometimes in the future. The price starts at  $35,000 and can range up to  $45,000.


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