2017 Tesla Model X rear

In only the last 5 years, a car company known as Tesla (formerly Tesla Motors) has made such huge amounts of headway in the electric car business, it’s left everyone stunned.

The world is moving toward a future full of electric and autonomous cars, and Tesla constantly proves itself to be a leader in every field, even though so many companies pop up and make electric cars to compete.  The field is getting more and more competitive recently with the introduction of Faraday Future, Lucid and Rimac making some compelling examples.

Tesla is not to easy to be outdone, though.  The 2017 Model S and 2017 Tesla Model X are the latest models in Elon Musk’s arsenal of electric goodies.

The Model S is a sedan that can push your eyeballs into the back of your head with the P100D trim, and the Model X is a bit more practical in an SUV format and some crazy gull wing doors that actually work better than they sound.

The 2017 Tesla Model X is priced around one hundred grand, which does seem like a lot and puts the electric technology out of reach for the most of us.  Luckily, there is the Toyota Prius.

Anyway, the Model X has really impressed a lot of people, since it is just so weird to drive a car without the roaring gasoline engine underneath you.  That’s something that would just put me out of my element for weeks.

The Specs-2017 Tesla Model X:

Vehicle Type: SUV
Power Plant: Electric Motors
Gearbox: One speed
Power: 417 – 518 HP
MPG: Up to 95 Highway/91 City (Eco)
Torque: 387 Lb-ft – 485 lb-ft.
Length: 198 Inches
Width: 82 Inches
Height: 66 Inches
Wheelbase: 116.7 Inches
Top Speed: 155 MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 3.5 Seconds
Base Price: $84,000 (est).


The Exterior-2017 Tesla Model X:

2017 Tesla Model X

Tesla’s Model S and Model X share roughly the same face.   The Model X just has a bit different execution.

Both vehicles are miles apart from where the original Tesla Roadster was.  The old Roadster was based on a Lotus and doesn’t have any of the Tesla model cues that we see now on the face of the Model S and the Model X. This is because of the leadership change that Elon employed, and created his own design team for the job.

The 2017 Tesla Model X has one very prominent feature, and that is its gull wing rear doors.  They are very cool, and sensors allow the doors to be open in even tight parking and low-ceiling situations.

The overall styling of the Model X is very clean and for the most part plain, making it look like a space ship on the road.

2017 Tesla Model X rear

However, the gull wing doors add to the reason why Tesla’s sales of the Model X haven’t been up to par.

Even with the huge SUV boom, the 2017 Tesla Model X hasn’t sold nearly as many models as it could have.  The car is simply too complicated for consumers, and people shied away from the electric SUV.  It can be the best out there, but if it’s too complex, no one will buy.

The Interior-2017 Tesla Model X:

2017 Tesla Model X interior

Another place where we can see Tesla’s complex nature is the interior of its cars.  The Model S has a massive iPad in the middle to control most of its functions.  Which is okay, considering it clears up most of the space inside of the car.  However, it also makes the system complex, and people (most people) don’t like complex.

Well, the 2017 Tesla Model X is basically the Model S on the inside.  They are nearly identical. Some don’t care, but I do.

Tesla’s are largely for people who think they’re better than others for having an electric car or for people who love a nerd-fest of a car.  The interior is a pretty bland place with hardly any personality at all.

The massive tablet screen takes up a huge amount of space, and the rest of the interior seems to be designed around it.

I do understand the concept and I have heard that the screen is actually easy to use and sensitive which is good.  I’m sure Tesla has really taken their time on things like this, since having one system replace multiple systems is always a difficult task.

For upwards of $100,000, there are simpler options out there, and the market knows it.  Unfortunately so, since the Model X is a very cool SUV and performs like no other.

The Performance-2017 Tesla Model X:

Tesla’s always perform great.  Whether it’s the Model S or X, you can get 0-60 times under four and even under three seconds.

While we are still waiting on the 2017 Tesla Model X P100D, Tesla gives us a P90D which can do 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.  Like you would ever need that.

MPGe is measured at around 95 miles, which is pretty average fro a car like this.  Just wait for the technology to catch up and we should see some insanely impressive numbers here.

Sum It Up:

The 2017 Tesla Model X has its own issues, but a lot of it just stems from the complexity of the car.

Once the market is ready, and once the technology is there, Tesla will be really firing on all cylinders.  Or…Operating on all batteries, I guess.

By then, the price of the Model X will be lower and not anywhere near the $85,000 asking price of a base model.  Eventually, great electric technology will trickle down to cheaper cars, as it always does. On top of that, the Tesla Model X should have its P100D badge soon; And unnecessarily break peoples necks with its speed.




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