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Tesla is gearing up for big plans and they come with a 2017 Tesla Roadster vehicle which is getting its release date very soon. Tesla finally decided that it was due time for their second-generation Roaster sports car which is due to come out pretty soon and replace the current model. The two-door drop top car has been rumored for a while but it has been only in recent time when some details about the model have emerged. Tesla is actually trying to keep the leaks to a minimum but so far we were able to confirm that the model is going to have a new platform with more range and a head-expanding performance feature.

2017 Tesla Roadster side view

Tesla is getting ready for a very important season for them and they want to bring their sales up. Currently they have the 2017 Tesla model X as a mid-size SUV and the 2017 Tesla Model 3 offered as a sedan and a compact SUV. With the 2017 Tesla Roadster, the future lineup of Tesla seems pretty good and they might even go and see over a million cars by the year 2020. There are also talks about a new Tesla Model S vehicle which is going to be updated and release somewhere in the future as well.

2017 Tesla Roadster rear view

The original Tesla Roadster made its debut ten years ago and was released as a 2007 model but was discontinued in 2012. But with the news of a new multi-billion dollar battery factory being almost but finished, the news about this model seem much more apparent than before. Here is a review about the things and specs we were able to find out about the new Roadster model.

Exterior look

The new 2017 Tesla Roadster will gain a dramatic new look as the exterior is going to be greatly updated. The previous model was built on the premise of the Lotus Eclipse model which had lightweight underpinnings and is what gave the edge to the Roadster. This time it is going to retain some of those features but updates them the same way the current Eclipse model has been updated. This means may air dams and intakes are going to be replaced with a smoother and much more solid appearance.

They are developing the 2017 Tesla Roadster from ground up and they are doing so in their own back yard. They are planning to use the architecture that was used for the 3rd gen model of the Tesla Model 3 which has proven to be solid and will greatly benefit the newest Roadster. It has also been confirmed that the car is going to be available in multiple body styles.2017 Tesla Roadster exterior

The front end of the care is going to have the same curvaceous design like the Model S, but with a chrome-framed nose and slim headlights. The hood is going to be lined with twin ridges and which are going to be accentuating the volume of the front fenders. The shoulder line is set at an oblique angle which gives a much more aggressive looking profile. The rear end has creases below the shoulder part which in turn add an even larger angle to the profile. It also visually enhanced the rear fenders and adds to the overall aggressiveness.

Interior updates

The interior of the 2017 Tesla Roadster is going to be luxurious and will feature many technological updates. Some of the rumored bits include premium Nappa leather and some fine upholstery materials, a trim that uses top-notch aluminum and polished zinc and also some optional carbon fiber put in the mix as well. For now it is not confirmed, but there are going to be several color options available as well but we more news about that is going to emerge soon.

2017 Tesla Roadster interior

The technological side of the update includes a lager touchscreen which is going to be placed in the center console for more effective use. The infotainment system is also going through a large upgrade with the newest media options and smartphone integration options. Of course there are the standard Bluetooth connectivity,  navigation and high-definition cameras and WiFi internet connectivity.

Powertrain news

There are some very peculiar news when it comes to the drivetrain of the 2017 Tesla Roadster model. With the news of the newest Tesla Model S being also released in the future, but no apparent release date, it is more than apparent that these two cars are going to share engines. Of course the Roadster model is going to be cranked which leads us to believe in some ludicrous numbers, for instance an acceleration rate of 2.5 seconds to reach 0-60 mph, which is something that can only be matched with perhaps the Porsche 918 Spyder model only.

Another important part for the drivetrain of the 2017 Tesla Roadster is that they are enhancing the range of the car. The latest version which was tested in 2015 saw an increase of 400 miles under ideal conditions and if the research continues as steadily as it is going now we can only expect further updates and more advanced methods to achieve better performance. This is also apparent with the construction of the latest battery factory which is going to bring to the range expansion of the car even further.

Release date and price

Even with the latest updates, we are still a long time away of getting the newest 2017 Tesla Roadster model. We can hope that the care gets to be devolved by the end of next year which pits the released date by the end of 2017 or somewhere in 2018. The prices can perhaps already be easily guessed as all the people are already pitting the Model S being offered at $125,000, which would only make the 2017 Tesla Roadster valued at $150,000 and more.

2017 Tesla Roadster trims concept


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