2017 Toyota Aurion Review

Making its official debut is the Toyota Aurion 2017 model. This can be perhaps seen as a sleeper model which is going to be released this year and is going to hit the Australian market first. This is a unique vehicle made by the Japanese automaker which has been updated for the new model year and is going to have all the trimmings of a modern car.

The vehicle is a unique model which may not yet be available for all markets but has done pretty well in the markets it is available. Already establishing a reputation for itself as a major contender in the field, the Aurion is a great choice for many. It still does not feature a release in the US market and it appears that we are a long way away from one. But nevertheless, the Toyota Aurion still brings everything to make the best car it can be.

2017 Toyota Aurion side view

The Toyota Aurion 2017 promises to be a better version of itself and has added large updated that are features mostly on the inside. This does not mean that the exterior did not go without anything as it has also received some interesting reshaping and remodeling feats. We have comprised a review which has all the information about this model and features the latest news specs about it.


With the added updates, the 2017 Toyota Aurion is going to be a stellar new car. Perhaps best being known as the Camry of South Asia, the Aurion brings some new additions to the new model which are going to update it and refresh it for yet another period. The model is still going to bring the Sportivo SX6 and ZR6 and also the AT-X version. The model is not going to change dramatically and is still going to retain its familiar design. With the old look combined with some modern additions, the car makes a great comeback.

2017 Toyota Aurion exterior

The previous model already posed a great design for the market it was meant to possess and it offered some pretty good looking parts of equipment and styling finishes. The vehicle was one of the most handsomest models in the Asian market and the redesigned version is going to keep it so. The added changes are not going to tarnish the look and are going to keep it fresh and maintain it for yet another period. Toyota Aurion 2017 promises to be a looker and will win most acclaims just based on its looks.


The interior of the 2017 Toyota Aurion has gone through more changes than the outside of it. This means that the added features on the inside are even more numerous than the ones placed on teh exterior part. The most critical aspect for the interior of the car is that it adds a lot more room than it did before. They managed to make the arrangement of the Aurion in that way so it fits in more room and has added spacing. The trunk area now has a few more cubic feet of cargo load which is also a nice addition as the Aurion has always struggled in that department. It is still far away from being ideal but it does pose an improvement given the fact how less we had last time.

2017 Toyota Aurion interior

The spacing is only upgraded with the interior gadgetry. The added parts are very contemporary and modern looking and feature some additions that are going to update the car in a grand way. The vehicle is being fitted with all the parts that we had last time but expands on the already present formula. The older ones are also updated so we get a full package of contemporary features. And finally, the Toyota Aurion 2017 sees some improved and updated materials featured on the inside as a final piece of the puzzle for their update.


The engine that gets to be used is going to be a familiar addition to the 2017 Toyota Aurion. With the power provided by the  3.5- liter double VVT-I motor, the car is going to give us an output of 248 horsepower at 6,200 revolutions per minute and 336 Nm from torque. The model is going to combine the powertrain with a six-speed transmission system and also has the potential of reaching 0-60 miles in 7.2 seconds. An interesting piece of news is that the enhanced power of the car enables it to pull 1,600 kg in addition to 500 kilograms un-braked.

2017 Toyota Aurion engine

Release date and price

The model is finally getting its release date as the news has been kept secret for a while now. Officially the 2017 Toyota Aurion is going to come to the Australian market first and will be released by the end of this year. Other significant markets in the Asian continent are next and the car becomes available for sale in the beginning of 2017 there. The model is going to be priced between $ 38,000 and $ 49,050 which is its standard price for now.


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