2017 Toyota Avalon Review

The refresh for the 2017 Toyota Avalon model is finally upon us. The newest Avalon model is getting a redesign which is going to be an expansion of the car that got an overhaul with its 2013 model. The Toyota Avalon has made it to the third spot of best selling full size sedans and it papers that they plan to continue on this and build upon the stellar design cues and fabulous updates with the 2017 version.

Back in 2013 the redesign that was introduced managed to raise the bar when it comes down to the design settings of a full size sedan model and brought the Avalon to its greatest heights. What we got was a sleeker and sexier vehicle with a lot more luxury than before. Although the body was slightly shorter it managed to improve the stance of the car and give it perfect balance as well. The interior features were also expanded particularly as the passengers on the inside have more shoulder room and hip room.

2017 Toyota Avalon exterior

The 2017 version is going to continue with the sort of a design that was introduced and will refresh it. The Chicago Auto Show marks as the official showcasing for the model and it helped us lay our eyes for the first time on the car. Some would say that there are not a whole lot of things going on there, but actually this model is going to work and will keep the integrity of the Toyota Avalon brand.

There is still a whole lot that needs to be done if they are going to catch up on the Impala model but it manages to bring them one step closer. Keep reading the review and we also talk about prices and the potential release date for the 2017 Avalon.


There are going to be some slight revisions done to the exterior of the 2017 Toyota Avalon model. This includes change brought to the front and rear ends of the car. The front end carries over the redesigned lower grille that we have seen form the previous model which is actually much more wider and is even positioned lower than it was before. The upper grill on the other hand is narrower and the car even adds some new turn signals added.

2017 Toyota Avalon front view

The rear end does not feature a whole lot and only refines the look of the car for a better one. That is to say that there are some chrome accents brought to the car which you can also see on the redesigned bumper and there are new LED taillights given as well.

2017 Toyota Avalon rear angle

The Touring trim of the Avalon model is going to add some additional changes which includes the 18-inch wheels painted in dark grey. It also comes with  LED daytime running lights and LED headlights as standard. The XLE and XLE Plus trims use 17-inch which include a pressure monitoring system. All in all the changes brought to the model give it a very nice refresh and are going to keep it competitive against the competition.


The interior of the 2017 Toyota Avalon is still on top of its game when it comes to the interior features and setup. This is one of the prime features and characteristics of the car and the redesigned version did not meddle a whole lot to change something which was already established and good to begin with. What we did get is a new light grey interior color  which is seen across the board and combines with the also grey accenting stitching.

2017 Toyota Avalon interior

The XLE and XLE Plus trim levels add a standard 7-inch Entune Audio Plus screen which is only available for these models unfortunately but also comes with premium woodgrain accents as standard. When you compare the interiors of the cars you might not notice that many changes but they are there, trust us. In fact this model’s year car looks slightly better as the small details are just what the car needed.

Engine specs

There was no apparent need to change too much when the engine for the 2017 Toyota Avalon, so the car transfers the previous one to the newest model. So we are in fact expecting a comeback from the 3.5-liter V-6 engine that is going to produce 268 horsepower and 248 pound-feet of torque. This model is not your typical powerhouse but actually provides and adequate power and output for the sedan. Even the EPA ratings are at a respectable rate as it is going to produce 21 mpg city and 31 mpg highway. This is mainly due to a six-speed, paddle-shift transmission which is also transferred as a part of the drivetrain. The only different are the  XLE-through-Limited trims which come with better suspension features.

2017 Toyota Avalon engine

Release date and price

The 2017 Toyota Avalon still remains one of the more affordable sedan offers on the market. With a base MSRP price of $32,285 it is a very affordable rate which is going to keep it in the tops when it comes to the sales. The release date is unofficially scheduled for the first quarter of next year as we have already known that the car comes the following year but the question was only when.



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