During the Paris Motor Show we will be able to take a first real look at the 2017 Toyota C-HR Concept. The initial response is that the car looks out of this world, but as for its performance we are yet to be convinced that they are such. The futuristic design of the vehicle brings hype and glamor to the car making it one of the more desired and anticipate products on the market for the future period. Toyota’s crossover hybrid has been only available to the general public through the leaked spy picks at first and later through the released photos which are circling the net. One of the most anticipated vehicles on the show expects to make a bang and astound the fans of this brand.

2017 Toyota C-HR side

2017 Toyota C-HR Concept Exterior

The 2017 Toyota C-HR Concept will feature a new design which will shape the foundation of the future cars from this brand. The design has been dubbed futuristic and it is rightfully so as the car really looks as if it has been produced a century too soon. The design actually brings likeability to the vehicle and stands to be one of its greater assets. The detail analysis shows that the arches have been pronounced a bit while the rear part of the care has been curved.

2017 Toyota C-HR rear

The inclusion of LED front and rear lights is something new for the 2017 Toyota C-HR and especially the design of the tail lights which are shaped in a boomerang. The back part of the vehicle is a bit larger, especially when compared with the front, and is the pivotal point of the designers which have strived to make a modern age car. Toyota calls it design a “diamond style theme” and the dimensions of the care are 4,350 mm long, 1,850 mm wide and 1,500 mm high.

2017 Toyota C-HR front side


Although not yet officially announced, the specifications on the engine are yet a mystery to most, but there are many speculations or rumors that are going on which may prove to be true at the end. The thing which is certain is that the 2017 Toyota C-HR Concept is going to be a hybrid. Rumors say that Toyota is going to use the same engine as it is going to be used within its Prius brand but with the inclusion of four-wheel drive, with a still developing powertrain. What people are expecting and what is surely going to be the case is that fuel efficiency is going to be a major factor for this car.

2017 Toyota C-HR light

Borrowing the design of the engine from the upcoming Toyota Prius is certainly going to achieve that and as Toyota mainly strives for environment friendly composure of their cars it is going to bring them a lot of publicity and a great fan base. What is also the case is that the concept is going to be compliant with the 4WD system technology. Of course these are only some of the final reports but do not stem to be far off the truth as the design promise to be capable of supporting it. To mention, the 2016 model included a 2-0 liter four cylinder engine with a turbocharged powertrain, with a 2.5 liter I-4 hybrid drive.

2017 Toyota C-HR front grill

2017 Toyota C-HR front light

Price and Release Date

The actual unveiling of the car is going to occur during the next Paris Motor Show and as for the production version is concerned people are have to wait for the beginning of 2017. During then you will have to make due with the concept version after its release and keep yourself informed on the possible changes that are surely going to occur. Estimated price is about 20.000 dollars but for the actual figure we shall have to wait for after the show.


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