2017 Toyota Corolla

Toyota makes some of the most reliable vehicles on the road, and for some fantastic prices.  This combination gave way to one of the highest selling cars ever.  The Toyota Corolla is the epitome of a daily commuter.

The Toyota Corolla is reliable, efficient, practical and safe.  The Corolla is pretty much every parents first choice for their child’s first car.

The Toyota Corolla comes in a variety of configurations.  For the 2017 Toyota Corolla, the available trim levels include LE, SXE, SE and LE Eco.  Regardless of what you might be looking for out of your small four door sedan, the Corolla is able to deliver.

Toyota’s Corolla isn’t a sports car, nor does it really impress drivers.  But, it is undeniably a great car.  Reliability and simplicity really go a long way, which is why the Toyota Corolla is so great.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla gets some refreshing features to update it for a newer market, but the formula of the worlds best selling car remains the same.  A reliable, stylish and updated commuter.  Looking back, it is no wonder how the Toyota Corolla is as popular as it is.  In 2015, Toyota sold 1,000 Corolla’s per day.

The Corollas fuel economy and value are another couple of factors that make this car so great.  So for 2017, the new Corolla obviously has some big shoes to fill.

The Specs-2017 Toyota Corolla:


Vehicle Type: Compact Sedan
Power Plant: 1.8 L 4-cyl
Gearbox: 6 speed auto/6 speed manual
Power: 132-140 HP
MPG: Up to 40 Highway/30 City 
Torque: 140 lb-ft.
Length: 183 Inches
Width: 70 Inches 
Height: 57 Inches
Wheelbase: 106.3 Inches
Top Speed: 110 MPH
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 8.5 seconds / 10 seconds
Base Price: $19,400 (est).

The Exterior-2017 Toyota Corolla:

2017 Toyota Corolla

The new 2017 Toyota Corolla gets some new styling up front to keep with the times.  While the previous generation did look updated, the new fascia upfront for the mid-cycle refresh really impress me.

The new front end features more chiseled cheek bones and a bigger, more open mouth.

Corolla’s eyes also get a bit tighter and some trim levels get a more pointed nose featuring the Toyota emblem.

Through the side profile, the 2017 Toyota Corolla is largely unchanged.  The only real difference is a slightly more aerodynamic or coupe-like roof line.

2017 Toyota Corolla

In the back, the 2017 Toyota Corolla is much more pain than the previous model, and that is saying something.  Since the 2010 Corolla, it seems like Toyota is headed for a more straight-forward look.

The most notable change, and possibly the only change, is the fact the tail lights now are almost completely red.  On the previous model, there was a strip of white (for the reverse lights) on the upper part of the tail light assembly.

Changing from white to red is pretty minimal, and I imagine that Toyota is trying to show customers that the 2017 Toyota Corolla is more (British voice) sophisticated than its rather…childish previous styling.

On top-level SE trims, the front is even more aggressive looking, sporting a pointed bumper and sharp slashes in it’s face.

Past the exterior, the 2017 Toyota Corolla gets a bunch of updates to bring the plain econobox into a more updated appeal.  In a world controlled by technology and fast-moving trends, the best selling car ever needs to stay competitive.

I’m not too worried about the Corolla, though.  Toyota has been doing this sort of thing for way too long to really ruin the Corolla’s appeal to literally everyone.

The Interior-2017 Toyota Corolla:

2017 Toyota Corolla

I am happy that the 2017 Toyota Corolla updated its interior to match with competitors.  The new interior for the Corolla is full of technology, which makes it seem less of an econobox and more of a perfect daily commuter.

From a wide perspective, the interior is pretty cluttered.  The  technology is there, but the layout suffers a bit.

Toyota is utilizing this super warped interior design on their other vehicles as well, but in a small cabin like we see in the Corolla, it doesn’t work as well.

There are definitely some cool elements like the new infotainment, push to start, cool accented trim and even sporty paddles.

Shift paddles are probably the last thing you’d need in a Toyota Corolla.  But, if you’re feeling spirited, go right ahead and drive like a Formula 1 racer.

The Performance-2017 Toyota Corolla:

So I mentioned that you get super-race-car-ish shifting paddles on the steering wheel, so does that mean the 2017 Toyota Corolla drives great, or is fast?

No.  No it isn’t.

In the specs, you’ll see the only engine option you get is a 1.6 L four cylinder engine that produces 140 HP max.

You’re able to do zero to sixty in a spine-crushing 8.5 seconds, and shift WITH PADDLES.

If the 2017 Toyota Corolla had any more power, it would be illegal to drive in the streets.

But seriously, I’ll never understand why companies put in paddle shifters in these kind of cars.  Other than to try to entice people who don’t know better.  This reminds me of the Prius commercial where they dress it up like a race car because it’s so fun to drive because it has “wishbone suspension in the front”.

The 2017 Toyota Corolla struggles to keep up with traffic on the highway unfortunately, and Toyota should not market it otherwise.  Do they really think we’re that dumb?

Sum It Up: 

While the 2017 Toyota Corolla isn’t the most exciting option on the market today, it will undeniably sell like wildfire.

I do wish there was at least a 200 HP option, but I guess Corolla owners don’t really want to go fast or accelerate quickly…But at least they have shifting paddles.




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