2017 Toyota Venza Review

Many fans are hoping for the newest 2017 Toyota Venza release. The previous year was also a year when everybody was hoping of seeing this model come out and already be available, but despite the fact that there were many tease and assumptions about the car it did not get made at the end. This only makes us further believe that they decided to save everything and regroup and come back next year with a version that they are happy with presetting.

2017 Toyota Venza exterior, side view, alloy wheels

The original Toyota Venza SUV was a car made by the Japanese maker’s automotive company back in 2008 for the first time and was introduced to the North American market at the biggest stage at the Detroit Auto Show. The car quickly justified its expectations and quickly made a name for itself as it was the perfect for fast access through various terrains. Its swoopy demeanor was a perfect addition and a extremely good addition to the Toyota flock back then.

2017 Toyota Venza rear view, taillights

The vehicle is now getting a redesign that was a long time coming. The fans are excited to find out that there are many parts that are going to be changed and made to appear more contemporary that it actually is. The car is getting a very good and a very nice model change and we are expecting to get it by next year. The pictures that were originally offered for the previous year release are now going to be the basis for what the upcoming model is going to actually look. Read all about it in this review and see what the redesign holds.

2017 Toyota Venza exterior and interior update

As always, the new 2017 Toyota Venza is still going to be available in three different trim levels, the LE, XLE and Limited trims. The LE is going to be the base form and it appears that it is going to be a very nice offer with quite a few interesting additions made as standard parts of equipment here. The car is going to use the 19 inch alloy wheels as standard and add quite a lot of things on the inside, the USB/iPod interface, automatic climate control,  Bluetooth and CD player, a touch screen infotainment interface and a heated driver’s seat as well. The XLE trim on the other side gives us some higher updates with  keyless ignition, interior leather upholstery, Smartphone integrations system, heated front seats, rear view camera, power folding mirrors and of course some transferred features from the base level as well.

2017 Toyota Venza interior, dashboard, steering wheel, gear shift knob

The highest and the top of the shelf Limited trim gets some high tech equipment as  Xenon head lamps, an upgraded 13 speaker sound system, a panoramic sunroof, dual zone automatic climate control, a navigation system and  front and rear parking sensors. As always, all models are going to be able to accommodate five passengers at the same time while there are going to be some color updates that are being offered both for the inside and outside of the car.

2017 Toyota Venza rear view, tailpipe

If we examine the outside step of the car we can immediately notice that it takes after the  FT-SX 2005 concept model. The basis that is used is actually a welcoming look for the car which is aiming to look much more aggressive than it actually was before. This can especially be seen from the added features that vehicle has been fitted with, The car now ads a redesigned chrome-plated grille  which accounts for a more powerful looking appearance of the car. The headlights and the taillights have both received a new style design which actually matches pretty well with the new look of the car now. The headlights get a new triangular design while the back ones have a more rounded one. Also the wheelbase of the vehicle has been enacted a bit which will account for more comfort and luxury on the inside which is the initial aim of the redesign of the car.

Engine news and specs

2017 Toyota Venza engine

There are far less information available when it comes to the engine specs about the 2017 Toyota Venza. All of the reviews do not show what the car is going to have and it was the same thing back year when we were at the peak of getting the engine. The model is assembly having a lot of trouble getting the right powertrain inside it and it can lead to some troubles when coming up with a release date for the car. The information that we do have is that there are a lot of options added to the mix. The car may use a  2.7 liter engine that delivers 181 horsepower and 246 Nm of torque and a the six speed automatic gearbox. There are also talks of the Venza getting a  3.5 liter V6  engine option which might be an optional one delivering 33 Nm of torque and 268 horsepower. The currently available EPA rating state that the base version may produce 20/26/22 mpg while the later one the ability to create 18 mpg city, 25 mpg highway and 21 mpg combined.

Price and release date

The currently price is still not available for the 2017 Toyota Venza but as it appears it is going to dwindle between  $ 30 000 and $ 40 000 which is an appropriate pricing for this style of a car. The release date is still unknown but we are hoping for a release by the end of 2017.





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