2017 Volkswagen Passat Review

With the announcement of a 2017 Volkswagen Passat, the German automaker is trying to make its hold on the American market once more. In fact the Passat has not been solidified as a number one contender in its branch as of yet as the America roads are ruled by rival cars such as Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord models which have exemplified staggering sales compared to the Passat in the past. The 2017 model is something that will try and change that and if not overpass the mentioned models in sales it will certainly making the margin between them a bit tighter.

2017 Volkswagen Passat exterior

Volkswagen has been trying to establish themselves in America for years now. The models which are already familiar for the home and European market have been overtaken by larger models which the US favors. Even the best selling VW product in America, the VW Jetta, is not popular as much as they would want it to be, but it certainly takes a few steps closer with every new step.

2017 Volkswagen Passat rear view

This time Volkswagen has decided to make larger strides in overtaking America and they have appointed Michael Horn as the new CEO for Volkswagen of America. This change is something that might make their dreams come true and overturn the situation in the German’s automaker favor all-together. It was actually Mr. Horn who revealed that the newest 2017 VW Passat is going to have significantly different characteristics compared to its 2016 form. They are predicting thins model as a big step in their refinement in the market and we bring you all the latest details in the review.

Exterior aspects

The newest 2017 Volkswagen Passat is going to ditch the round look of the previous car and add a little bit more of sharpness to it. In fact this is mostly apparently in the front fascia of the car where we see a squared off look. The hood is a power dome which has a much more sculptured look than the 2016 version and the headlights are squared off with a grille and they come with LED additions that go along with the daytime running lights. The lower grille takes the same appearance as the fog lights but the surrounding area has more creases and bulges.

2017 Volkswagen Passat side view

The rear end of the VW Passat incorporates the same kind of angular design language. The taillights have horizontal LED accents and they are carried by the new reflectors found in the bumpers and have a very nice appeal to them. The chrome trim which is placed in the from bumper is carried to the back as well and provide a more premium look to the model. New this time would be the R-Line package which includes 19-inch alloy wheels, a rear diffuser, unique bumpers with black accents,  scuff plates, air intakes, and chrome exhaust tips.

Interior design

The interior of the 2017 Volkswagen Passat has not been tampered a whole lot and actually is more an update that it is a redesign. It has some smaller details changed which require closer inspection to be noticed. You can see the angular theme that the interior has decided to go with and it is complimented with horizontal creases as well, with some air vents fitted at the sides of the dash. There is a chrome metal strip placed just above the wood trim with heavy textures and a rough-cut file.

2017 Volkswagen Passat interior

There is also going to be some new technology added on the inside as well with infotainment system being mostly updated which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto now. This time you can sync two mobile phones at the same time using Bluetooth which was not the case before and which the competition did not have to their advantage. It uses a USB port for charging cell phones which is located in a closable compartment that allows you to place your phone there for easy charging and better data transfer ability. The people in the back can use the second USB port which is additionally available.

Engine specs

Regarding the powertrain, the 2017 Volkswagen Passat is still not going to make the  2.0-liter TDI option available for the US market even with the newest release. This may be a great disappointment and was something that could have help boost the sales but we will have to make do with the available offers. What the people in America will end up in getting with their newest 2017 VW Passat are two engine options, the 1.8-liter turbo four-cylinder and the 3.6-liter VR6. The first one comes with direct fuel injection and is rated at 170 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque and an EPA rating of 25 mpg city, 38 mph highway, and 29 mpg combined. The later engine is going to make 80 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque and will come with the EPA specs of 20 mpg city, 28 mpg highway, and 23 mpg combined. The first engine uses the six-speed automatic shifter while the second one has the VW’s DSG six-speed auto with paddle shifters.

2017 Volkswagen Passat Engine

Release date and price

The newest 2017 Volkswagen Passat is going to be a very reasonably priced vehicle and is one of the advantage which it is going to hold over its competition. The starting price of $22,440 is pretty suitable and the largest it can go is $36,835 for the V6 SEL Premium version. The release date for the car is set for next year and it will appear in the first quarter in the US market while the release date for the home ground is this year.



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