The BMW 1 Series was brought to the United States back in 2008 and billed as the answer to the forgone 3 Series, but how did it manage to get so big within a short period of time? It was available either as a coupe or a convertible and won praise for its compact size and sharp handling capability.

Following the 1st generation, the 1 series finally bailed out of the United States market, and the automobile giant now focused its second generation sales exclusively for Europe alone. Fortunately enough, the 3rd generation will be making a comeback to the U.S market, however big changes will be forthcoming.

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2018 BMW 1 Series Review

The downside to the vehicle is the front wheel drive system, which pundits have argued will change the widely-known perception of a ‘pure’ BMW brand. In a sense, this assumption might hold water in the i3, but being an electric car, we should soften our stand that the vehicle will be a bit easier that it would if it had its conventional drivetrain.
The much envisaged 2018 BMW 1 Series, however is not an electric car as some unreliable sources have put it. It will come with a classical, internal combustion engine, and considering it’s still an armature in the automobile segment, it has traditionally been a RWD.

The AWD system was made optional later. Despite the 1 Series being a small and inexpensive vehicle, it has always tried to be a very capable handler. In overall, the luxury segment automaker was able to produce a vehicle that was nimble, hoot to drive, and well balanced.

2018 BMW 1 Series engine

The unusual turn of events isn’t the only thing that the automaker has made different from the previous generation. The traditional homely exterior design has been dropped in favour of the sportier and assertive design. Would-be buyers and BMW enthusiasts should expect a tout and athletic appearance out of the miniature 1 series that is known today.
According to history, new generations of BMW’s are generally larger than their outgoing models, and there will be no exception in the upcoming new car. It should not come as a surprise if BMW offered a longer and stretched wheelbase that will result in more legroom and increased cargo volume.

2018 BMW 1 Series grille

2018 BMW 1 Series rear

Despite the raw suggestions, the new generation of the 1 Series might suffer a weight loss, thanks to its FWD architecture design and an extensive use of aluminium during its construction. The new 2018 BMW 1 Series will not enter the market without a fight, most probable rivals will include the Audi A3 which will come with a modern design and high build quality materials the Audi automaker is known for. Next would be the Mercedes CLA that comes with handsome looks and decent performance specs.
In conclusion, the new 2018 BMW 1 Series is coming our way, and the news allege that it will most probably be a front wheel drive. Despite critics calling this an abomination, we sure expect a car that will have a better handling and performance considering this is a BMW made vehicle.

2018 BMW 1 Series interior


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