2018 Lincoln Navigator

2018 Lincoln Navigator: Price, Release Date and Concept


Ford’s luxury division, Lincoln, makes some stylish cars these days; We all know that.  The MKZ has a very sharp front end, but they forgot to redesign to the rear end when they over hauled the front end in 2016…I’m sure it’s an honest mistake.  But the new Continental is an incredibly lovely looking large sedan, and I know a lot of people love it as well.

As for Lincoln’s crossovers, we have the MKX, MKT and the MKC.  Are we all on board? MKC is the smallest crossover offered, MKX is the midsize crossover and MKT is the larger crossover SUV.  Then we have the pretty famous Lincoln Navigator.  A vehicle that pretty much said “I’m a Ford Expedition in a fancy suit” since it was created.  It is the most apparent now though, which is kind of disappointing.  So Ford really needs something special for 2018 to reverse this bad cycle right?  Like something really, really special.

The Exterior:

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Enter the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.  If you attended the 2017 NAIAS; you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.  This thing is insane in every sense of the word.  Those wheels are so beautiful looking, and it makes us re-love the fan shaped wheels we used to see in the 1990’s.  Lincoln’s new grille is proud out front, complimented by smooth, breezy lines. While the design of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is definitely on the conservative side of things, as with most Lincolns, it works very well here.

2018 Lincoln Navigator rear

The rear of the 2018 Lincoln Navigator is much the same story.  It is a very simple layout with hardly any disturbances to the smooth, sophisticated lines.  Also, that blue is beautiful.

The Interior:

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Okay, we’re gonna take this slow.  Starting with the dashboard, it is clear that Lincoln is taking the Navigator seriously again.  You have the now common issue tablet on the dashboard, but past that, things are very unique.  The dashboard is very simple, yet incredibly breath taking.  The instrument cluster is completely digital, and there is a healthy dose of wood splashed across the surfaces that is a beautiful contrast to the faded blue.

2018 Lincoln Interior

Now let’s move to this view.  As you can see, things are getting really, really cool.  The seat cushions are broken into four segments that definitely look like they’ll have serious conforming and massing capabilities.  You can expect the side bolstering to be fully adjustable for a truly unique…sitting…experience.  Two large captains chairs can be seen for the second row of seating, and from here you can see the third row has a very similar style to the seats.


Another thing I want to bring up is how classic Lincoln this place looks.  Something about the lines and seats look like something out of a 1960’s model.  I love it.

2018 Lincoln Navigator

Let’s move back even further in the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.   Lincoln tags on a huge infotainment system onto the rear seats head mounts for both the second row and third row to enjoy.  Also, the center console is continued through to the second row of seating, with fixed arm rests and air conditioning controls mounted to the assembly.  It also looks like passengers will be getting their own fold-out trays for that added touch of luxury and comfort.


Also, The 2018 Lincoln Navigator features gull wing doors and retractable steps to aid passengers into the 2018 Lincoln Navigator.  Overall, the interior is truly a revolutionary part of the Navigator.  The interior needs to be as good as it can get because you have players like Mercedes, BMW, Land Rover and Cadillac reforming their insides to get the most luxury out of their luxury SUV’s.


The Performance:

The 2018 Lincoln Navigator needs to be powerful.  It’s going to be heavy, which will call for a good helping of horsepower.  Given Lincoln is a division of Ford, we should see some sort of turbocharged “Ecoboost” technology possibly out of a V6.  There is a V8 that could power the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, but since Ford loves scaling down and adding forced induction to their engines, we should see a turbo six cylinder, or something even more high tech.

What I mean is, we could see a hybrid or full electric power train for the Navigator.   While such a complicated system would definitely take over a year to develop and implement, it may be an option for future Navigators.  This would be a very strong application to have an experimental power train and would be a good boost to sales.

However, for 2018 we will most likely see Lincoln implement Ford’s 2.7 L twin-turbo V6, as well as the 3.5 L twin-turbo V6.  The larger of the two creates 380 HP with 93 octane fuel, and can achieve 21 MPG on the highway and 15 MPG in the city.  The engine should be able to pull the Navigators heavy 6,000 pound wet weight with 460 lb-ft of torque.  The smaller 2.7 L twin turbo will produce 330 HP and a similar number in torque.


The Specs: 


Vehicle Type: Luxury SUV
Powertrain: 2.7 L TT V6 , 3.5 L TT V6 (est.)
Gearbox: 7-speed automatic (est.)
Power: 330 – 380 HP (est.)
MPG: 21 Highway, 15 City (est.)
Torque: 340 – 460 Lb-Ft. (est.)
Length: 208 Inches (5.28 Meters) (est.)
Width: 79 Inches (2 Meters) (est.)
Height: 78 Inches (1.92 Meters) (est.)
Top Speed: 150 MPH (241 KPH) (est.)
Seating: 7 – 9 (est.)
Wheelbase: 119 Inches (3.02 Meters) (est.)
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 5.2 seconds (est.)
Base Price: $70,000 – $80,000(est.)


Sum It Up:

There is a very important factor here for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator, and that is the fact that Lincoln enjoys teasing new Navigators.  This new design we see is nothing really new, and it’s a strong possibility that it might just end up in the concept trash bin.  I really hope not though, because like I said, Ford and Lincoln need a special Navigator to boost sales for the huge SUV.  Given that the U.S.A. is loving new SUV’s and gas prices are relatively low, things need to add up quickly for Lincoln.  If we see the vehicle above on dealership lots, there will be a lot of love for Lincoln’s biggest star.  Look for the 2018 Lincoln Navigator’s release date around fall 2017.

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