2019 Lamborghini Aventador SVJ: The Extreme is Coming


The Lamborghini Aventador has had an interesting life.  It’s aging well, and with continued variations from Lamborghini, the car manages to stay fresh.

While the car gets more insane, it’s timeline is a bit confusing.  Usually in Lambo fashion, the SV has been the craziest iteration of their V12 cars.

That hasn’t been the case with the Aventador.  Luckily for us.

Lamborghini is coming out with the latest and apparently last Aventador in 2019.  This car will be called the Lamborghini Aventador SVJ (J for Jota).

With that in mind, let’s look at this car and what to expect from the SVJ.

The Aventador’s:

The Lamborghini Aventador started life in 2012 as the LP-700 and it really shook the world.

I remember when the original Aventador was being produced, people were skeptical if Lamborghini would stick to the formula of big V12 super cars.

With all of the green-thumbs out there, it’s getting harder and harder for companies like Lamborghini to produce V12 engines as to keep up with emissions standards.

We see a lot of companies like AMG recently saying they won’t make anymore V12’s full stop.

It’s sad to see, but it makes sense.  In AMG‘s case their V8’s are in some cases more powerful than the V12’s they produce.

But the Lamborghini V12 is a very special thing.  It would be a mortal sin to change that formula in a lot of peoples eyes, including my own.

Anyway, the original Aventador was received pretty well.  And it is still a complete monster.  Producing 700 horsepower to all four wheels, the 6.5 L V12 has one of the most unmistakable sounds in the automotive industry.

After the original Aventador was released to the public, Lamborghini got to work on the roadster version of the car which was released in 2013.

In 2015, Lamborghini surprised us with the extreme SV.  This car packed 740 HP and lost 110 pounds off of the original Aventador.  Lighter and more power is the key.

The improved aerodynamics of the SV improved down force by an impressive 180% and handling was improved with new steering and magnetic ride control.

Shortly after the SV, Lamborghini released the SV Roadster for some open-top madness.

That’s usually where things would stop for Lamborghini, but not this time.

After the SV Roadster, Lamborghini released the Aventador S, which is a 740 HP and had some mechanical upgrades to the car to liven things up as the car heads out of production.

Sprinkled in between all of these cars are different special editions of the Aventador.  A common practice for car companies.

Some of those special editions included the Pirelli Edition, Miura Edition and Anniversario.

Beyond those editions, Lamborghini used the Aventador as the chassis work for their extreme cars like the Veneno, Centenario and their roadster variants.

That’s every Aventador pretty much.  There was a lot of them.  Now for the newest and most likely last and most likely most extreme Aventador, the SVJ.

Aventador SVJ:

I remember when the Aventador J concept was released, I was really excited to see if Lamborghini would release it.  It’s an insane version of the Aventador; A type of Barchetta.

But, they never did so I think this new SVJ will be as close as we get to it (or predictably the roadster version of it).

The “J” stands for “Jota” which is the low-volume performance upgrade given to the Miura SV and the Diablo.

We assume that the SVJ is made not only because the ever-thirst of their crazy supercar owners, but I we also think that because the Huracan Performante is definitely a better track machine than the Aventador S/SV and it’s not right to have the range-topping machine being beaten by the understudy.

Making the SVJ the most extreme car in Lambo’s lineup just makes sense.

Luckily, Lamborghini will most likely keep the V12 in all of its 6.5 L glory.  No turbo-chargers or smaller cylinder count to worry about from the big lambo.

We predict that the new Lamborghini Aventador SVJ will mostly likely get a small horsepower boost close to 800.

The styling of the car is largely unknown, but even the mule we’ve seen driving around is just insane.

We see added wings, Performante like exhaust outlets and a completely reworked front end as well as some potential center-lock wheels.   Aerodynamics will be much different than the standard Aventador by the looks of things as well.


Sum It Up:

Not much else is known about the new Aventador SVJ.  We do believe that the car will be for sale in 2019, but by the time we know it is, the car is likely to be sold out.  In typical new-supercar fashion.

I do suspect that this new car will feature Lamborghini’s ALA aerodynamic system that we see on the Performante as well.  Maybe in a heavily re-worked fashion, but an application of the clever system nonetheless.

I look forward to more info on the car as it comes out.  Expect a hefty price tag of around $700,000.


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