Hey there!! Welcome to another car review of ours! Today we will talk about the car that we are all excited about, and that is KIA Telluride. This all-new car creates hype in the SUV fans. This fantastic car has a spectacular cabin, a world-class safety feature, a comfortable riding experience, and the power monster is always ready for you, even in the most challenging roads. So, without wasting any more time, we are going to explore what KIA Telluride has to offer, and would it be a solid buy? Let’s find out.

The car is built robustly, just like the other SUVs, a robust and sturdy outside. The whole structure looks gorgeous as well as it can provide safety for the passengers in it. However, one thing that can make the telluride KIA stands out from the other is its color variants. Even, there are many customization options available for the user as per their choice. So if you want an SUV that will give everyone a jaw-dropping expression, then this one is surely your pick.

  • The Interior of the KIA

Seat Adjustments

When you are looking at the seat arrangements, then you will be delighted to see that there are two complete sets of car seats available for the second row and an additional set of another seat set on the side of the driver. And you can also have a tether anchor for both of your rear and middle row seats.

In the KIA Telluride, eight people can comfortably sit in the fabulous interior. It has power-sliding and folding seats ready for the second row and the pilot seat. And for the look of the upholstery, KIA Telluride is providing customers with dynamic leather seats. The seats are power-adjustable, and you can enjoy ventilated and heated steering wheel, first and second-row seats, as well as the sunshades of the second row.

Adults can easily get comfortable in the first two rows of the SUV, all thanks to its spacious, cushioned seats, while the third-row has a bit smaller room; it is more than enough for kids. And as the whole interior has a beautiful soft-touch surface, you can boost the SUV to your friends and family.

Cargo Space

Behind the rear seat of 2020 KIA Telluride, you can enjoy cargo space of 21 cubic feet. And if you fold down the third row, it opens 46 cubic feet, and after the second-row folding, you can enjoy a total amount of 87 cubic feet. Those numbers look great, so for the people who are looking for some extra space in their SUVs, you got this one.


Our cars are not a mere mode of transportation anymore, they have evolved and capable enough to keep us updated, and that is why the infotainment system becomes an important consideration when selecting a car. However, this KIA SUV has an 8-inch touch screen display and support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. And for the entertainment, it has a six-speaker sound system, USB ports, Bluetooth to hook you with the latest playlist. You can also find the navigation system embedded in the touchscreen.

As for the sound, the speakers are great, and the wide range of connectivity options as well as support for Android and iOS is cherry on the cake. The touch screens are capable of delivering crisp graphics and works without lagging.

  • Performance of Telluride

The Engine

The KIA Telluride has a V6 engine of 3.8-liter, which is capable of producing the 262 pound-feet of torque, and it is capable of producing 291 horsepower. The system is also paired with an automatic eight-speed transmission. This durable engine can easily tackle every tough situation from riding the hill to a busy city street and provide you with more than enough highway passing power.

Riding and Handling

At the time of doing the KIA Telluride review, we find out that on most of the surfaces, this car runs smoothly. In some very twisty and uneven roads, it may not work like the way it works on smooth roads, but the performance is still pretty admirable. The front-wheel driving is standard, and it also supports all-wheel driving.

Mileage of The Vehicle

The EPA estimate of 20 mpg when you are on the city roads. While you are on the highway, you can enjoy a 26 mpg. Models that have the all-wheel facility, they get around 19 mpg in the city roads and 24 mpg while driving on the highway.

Other Stuff

It has 8 inches of ground clearance, and the towing capacity of the Telluride can go up to 5000 pounds. The car is 16 feet and 5 inches long, while the weight varies from 4112 to 4482 depending on the model.

  • Safety Features

Though the NHTSA has not done the crash test on the KIA Telluride, IIHS has named it one of the top safety picks of this year. It also has some other safety features such as rear parking sensor, a rear view camera, lane departure, lane assist, airbags, pedestrian detection, cruise control mode, and many more. The whole car was designed to keep the passengers safe in it, while the advanced electronic security system helps the driver to avoid major accidents.

  • The Cost of The Telluride

The KIA Telluride price is widely dependent on various factors such as your age, the level of coverage, type of insurance you have, your credit score, location, your deductibility, and many more.

The Final Verdict

Of course, the all-new vehicle from KIA is just like the fresh breeze in the SUV car market. It has a well-designed interior, top-notch safety features as well as power-packed performance. Also, if you are looking for a car with which you can drive safely in the city as well as go a little adventure on the hill roads, then this SUV can be your reliable partner. Along with that, the car has a great rating on reliability, so there is no way that anyone can go wrong with this one.