2020 Nissan Leaf Review

Most of the car manufacturersare still looking up to two years from launching their brand new range of mainstream electric vehicles. Yet another leading player in the industry,Nissan, has launched a second generation of the Leaf. All-new 2020 Nissan Leaf is well-equipped, spacious,and relatively affordable as compared to all other splashy options in the industry.

What’s new in 2020?

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Nissan has already made it clear that they are upfront in incorporating a handful of features for driver-assistance that were missing in their previous edition. Fortified in the Safety Shield 360 suite of features, car enthusiasts will get to see automated emergency braking along with pedestrian detection, lane-departure warning, automatic high-beam headlamps, emergency braking, rear automated, rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring and lot more.

The 5.0 and 7.0-inch standard infotainment display for last year has been successfully replaced with the 8.0-inch unit,and it will also feature Apple CarPlay and well-integrated with Android Auto. It will also be exciting for the pedestrians to witness the new tune of 2020 Leaf,the motors past at low acceleration.

The Interior – Comfort, and Cargo

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Although cabins of the SVs and Leaf S trims have got a sea of black plastic, the uniform textures will make it look cheap admirable. Coming to the SL trim model, it comes with a light-gray leather interior that also has a matching dash pad all set to break the monotony. For the driving-seat, the person will face a hybrid gauge cluster in which a large analog speedometer is placed just beside the digital readout.

The cabin has got two complete sets of LATCH connectors for the Leaf’s rear outboard seats along with abonustether anchor for the rearmost middle seat. The seats are cushioned with premium upholstery and come with adequate leg and headroom.

The cargo volume has been the highest in the class of hybrid and electric cars. The makers have given 23.6 cubic feet of space in the rear section and 30 cubic feet when you fold down the back row.

The Exterior Styling

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2020 Leaf seems to be more stylish and astonishing without going overboard. The blacked-out portions of the carriage are more clever and complex. The latest design much more cluttered and has got a longer hood that can house the internal combustion engine beneath.

It also sports deeply bending grille trim piece, which has now become a hallmark of the Nissan models. All new and power halogen headlights will give a superior look. 16-inch alloy wheels will certainly offer a smooth drive to the people inside.

Battery and Motor

The standard 40-kWh lithium-ion battery has successfully grown to 62-kWh. This will certainly add another 76 miles to the driving range. AESC, Nissan’s own battery division, will again supply the battery. The best thing that happened with the 2020 Nissan Leaf is that the DC fast charging capacity has been boosted from 50 kW to 70kW, and now it has got peak charging up to 100kW.

The makers have decided to retain the CHAdeMO standard for the fats-charging system. As the batter installed is air-cooled (which is against the industry conventions), the makers have managed the charge rate in part based on the temperature.

Powertrain – Transmission and Performance

2020 Nissan Leaf has got an all-new “e-Pedal” system that indicates that you will get strong regenerative braking along with blended friction braking, only by lifting the accelerator. This clearly suggests that drivers can avoid brake pedal for most of the time, and it remains no doubt that this is one of the most simple and relaxed ways of driving. All you need to sharpen the anticipation skills, which is fun in itself.

2020 Leaf comes with a 110-kW electric motor that usually cranks 147 horsepower to the front wheels. Coming to the Plus model, it comes with a gutsier, 214 horsepower 160-kW electric motor. The previous version was successful in managing 0-60 mph in just 7.4 seconds, but this time, it seems to be perkier, and the credit goes to the uninterrupted power supply from the powerful electricmotor.

The standard model can be charged in just 7.5 hours with the help of Level 2, 240-volt connection. Whereas, Leaf Plus can regain 100% power in 11.5. It is interesting to note that both the models have got DC-fast charging capability, which is effective in getting 80% power of the batter in less than 40 minutes.

The standard trim model has got an EPA-estimated driving range of 149 miles when on a single charge, and the Plus model smashes226 miles. Along with the operational range, the plugin-hybrid and electric can also be compared for the overall fuel efficiency with the gasoline-based cars. It offers111 MPGecombined in highway and city driving and the Plus model up to 108 MPGe.

  • Length                                          –           176.4 “
  • Body width                      –           60.6 “
  • Body height                                 –           61.4 “
  • Wheelbase                                   –           106.3 “
  • Ground clearance            –           5.9 “
  • Curb                                             –           3538 lbs.
  • Gross weight                   –           4751 lbs.
  • Base engine type             –           Electric Motors
  • Horsepower                      –         147 horse power
  • Torque                                         –           236 lb-ft
  • Payload                                        –           1213 lbs.
  • Drive type                                    –           Front-wheel Drive
  • Turning radius                             –           18.0 ”
  • Battery capacity             –           70kWh
  • EPA range estimates      –           215 mph
  • Suspension                       –           Torsion Beam for Rear and Strut for Front
  • Head room(front/2nd row) –       41.2”/37.3”

Pricing – Which One to Buy?

So far, the makers haven’t disclosed anything on the launch date. It speculations from the reliable industry sources to be believed, it will cost around $32,525 to $44,825. Talking about the best deal, it would be advantageous to go with the S Plus trim model because of its reasonable price, much powerful motor, longest driving range,and well-balanced standard equipment. The kind of features and amenities 2020 Leaf has got, it will certainly give a fierce competition to the other models in the similar line-up of electric-motor based cars. Let’s have a look at the expected pricing for each trim model of Leaf 2020

  • S: $32,525
  • SV: $35,115
  • S Plus: $39,125
  • SV Plus: $40,675
  • SL Plus:$44,825

The buyers will certainly be delighted to see this premium model with loads of modern amenities and perks.


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