An Overview:

Modern car design is more focused on brand identity than it was even 10-20 years ago.  After all, one of the more obvious reasons to style a car uniquely to the brand its from is that it’s the easiest way for consumers to identify what company the car is a child of.

There are cars out there like the Porsche 911 that are quintessentially the brand that built them.  It took years and years of development, along with proverbially beating the design into the heads of customers to get cars like the 911 to the recognition status that they have today. 

Tesla is doing a good job of designing their cars so that customers know they’re looking at a Tesla.  The electric car company was the first to introduce the grille-less front end to the modern mainstream; something many have grown fond of. 

But the Tesla Cybertruck takes all of this to new extremes.

The Exterior- Tesla Cybertruck:

Tesla CyberTruck-OuterView

The outer design of the Cybertruck makes it hard to talk seriously about it.  Tesla designed the Cybertruck to basically look like “trucks” in those really early arcade games. 

Elon Musk and Tesla have said that its inspiration comes from Bladerunner and (obviously) the whole Cyberpunk aesthetic.   

The whole thing is basically a polygon with wheels and shatterproof glass.  At first glance, I’m sure a lot of people (myself included) thought it was a joke or just made to troll everyone who was excited for Tesla to offer a truck.  But we all found out soon enough that Elon Musk wasn’t laughing.

Is the Tesla Cybertruck a sign of what the future holds for cars and trucks?  Most likely not; at least from a design perspective. Even though the Cybertruck features a generously sized truck bed, lightbar, knobby tires and an almost cartoonishly long wheelbase.

Even though the design seems like it was thrown together overnight by an overworked, underpaid intern, there was actually quite a bit of thought put into it.

The lightbar is located just above the windscreen and seemingly hidden from sight when it’s off, unlike most light bars on truck that stick out on top and unless you’re into that sort of thing, can seem a bit unsightly. 

But when the lightbar is on, you can see it doesn’t look out of place at all.  It blends in very nicely and I think that it’s a very cool touch. 

Around back, the Tesla Cybertruck features a pretty large bed that functions largely as any other truck bed would. 

One thing that sets this truck bed apart from most is that there is a retractable gate that allows you to unload much easier.  Tesla kind of cross-promoted this cool addition with an ATV that apparently you can get as an option upon purchase.

Overall, the exterior of the 2020 Cybertruck is the most unique, controversial and interesting piece of automotive design we’ve seen for a long time.  It’ll be interesting to see how well it ages.

The Interior- 2020 Tesla Cybertruck:

Tesla CyberTruck-Interior-View

Tesla hasn’t limited their special taste in design to just the exterior of their cars (and trucks).

The interior of Teslas feature a very simple design language, usually consisting of a massive iPad-like infotainment system,  an almost comically simple dashboard with nicely designed air vents and a steering wheel. Besides the seats, that’s essentially what you get. 

Tesla’s interior simplicity isn’t a bad thing at all.  It’s actually a staple of their brand now. You would usually think that pretty much incorporating all interior controls into a massive touch screen would make things very hard to navigate, but Tesla does a good job of keeping things idiot-proof. 

It seems to be a recurring theme with Tesla.  At first it seems dumb, but then you find out they actually know what they’re doing.

The interior of the 2020 Tesla Cybertruck is no different from their usual formula.  It’s actually kind of an even more obvious example of it. 

Inside the Cybertruck, you get the usual massive touchscreen lying along a piece of what looks like granite and a steering wheel.  That pretty much makes up the dashboard.  

Apparently there are a lot of hidden and cool features inside the Cybertruck that are yet to be released (or possibly developed). 

We can’t go on without discussing the “bullet-proof” windows that famously made headlines when they were tested on stage at the unveiling the Cybertruck.  

When demonstrated, the window was hit with a metal ball and “shattered” in front of everyone, after demonstrating the glass wouldn’t shatter with a smaller demonstration.  While I agree there should not have been a scratch in sight, it’s important to note what shatterproof glass is.

When bullet-proof glass is shot, the first few layers of glass shatter, absorbing the impact of the projectile.  This gives the appearance that the glass shattered, but no one on the inside is affected. I think that maybe the glass has layers that can shatter and still keep the occupants safe.  

Is that what happened in the demonstration?  Maybe, maybe not.  But it’s important to know. 

The Specs – 2020 Tesla Cybertruck

Vehicle Type: Truck
Power Plant: 3 Electric Motors
Gearbox: None
Power: 800 HP (Plaid)
MPG/Range: 500 Miles
Torque: 1,000 pd. ft.
Length: 231 In.
Width: 79.8 in.
Height: 75 In.
Wheelbase: 149.9 In.
Top Speed: 150 MPH (est.)
Seating: Six
0-60 MPH: 2.9-6.5 seconds 
Base Price: $39,900


The Performance – 2020 Tesla Cybertruck:
Tesla CyberTruck-Performance

There is a lot of speculation on the official performance of the 2020 Cybertruck, especially since it’s not slated to be released until 2021.  

However, Tesla is keen to tell us the base model will do  0-60 sprint in 6.5 seconds and have 250 miles of range on a full charge. Going up the trim ladder with the top-tier Plaid powertrain will get you 500 miles of range and 1,000 pounds of torque.  Just what a truck needs. 

It’s tough to say this far out how exactly the Cybertruck will perform when it’s released, but Tesla is pretty good at keeping promises when it comes to performance.  

Sum It Up:

Tesla’s latest creation has caught all the attention Elon Musk could have hoped for.  Most people are confused, but intrigued by its design and technology but will it translate to sales?

Most likely, yes.  Yes it will. 300,000+ people have already put deposits down for the truck.  However, the deposit was only $100. We’ll see how many of those actually get sold. 

So is the Cybertruck the pioneer for a new era of trucks and motoring?  Probably not. But every automaker our there can definitely learn something from Tesla’s ways.  Excluding how to make shatter-proof glass…

…Or how to design a truck.



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