The 2020 Tesla Roadster Is Coming



Only recently, Tesla revealed its brand new Roadster which will be available as a 2020 model.  And the world has gone nuts ever since.

But first, some short history:

The Tesla Roadster started out when the company did, around 2006.  It was based on the Lotus chassis (that we see on a lot of first cars from young companies)  and was really the original Tesla.

tesla roadster

The original Tesla Roadster was impressive in its own right.  The cars motors packed 248 horsepower and could do over 240 miles on a single charge.  Pretty decent by today’s standards of electric cars.

The thing is quick too, with a 0-60 of 4.6 seconds for the first renditions of the car, which eventually turned into 3.7 seconds with the 2.5 Sport model.  Even though it was $128,000 for the roadster, that’s properly quick.

Tesla’s first roadster was limited heavily to only 2,400 examples roughly.  Even with all of the versions it came in, it’s still a pretty rare sight.

The original Tesla roadster did look very good for the limitations it had.  Being that the chassis and most of the body were sourced from Lotus, options were limited.  

The New Tesla Roadster:

The new Tesla Roadster was unveiled at a show largely dedicated to the new Tesla Semi-Truck, but the truck was upstaged by its smaller partner in a big way.  Tesla really knows how to put on a show.

Everyone went visibly nuts when they brought out the Roadster.  The new Tesla Roadster is a sleek machine that, if I’m honest, has a love or hate design.

The new Roadster promises some insane numbers, as I’m sure you’ve heard.  0-60 MPH in 1.9 seconds, have a 600+ mile range, top speeds past 200 MPH, 0-100 MPH in 4.2 seconds, and four seats.  

Now this thing is making some serious claims.

My first thoughts about those figures was if a 1.9 second 0-60 MPH time is even possible on road tires…So, is it?

It’s been debated since the car’s unveiling, and evidence shows that road tires are only really equipped to possibly take a 2.05 (or so) second launch.  And that’s with the stickiest stuff available.

However, I think that by the time the Roadster’s available, tire technology will improve and that 1.9 may be more plausible.  But how did they get that figure now?

I’m really not sure.

Tesla has a number of issues as a company and are under delivering on some fronts, but it’s groundbreaking creations have kind of protected the company from itself in a way.



The Tesla Roadster doesn’t look very great.

I love the Model S and the Model X front end design.  I think it’s unique and distinctly Tesla.  That being said, it just doesn’t look as good as it could.

It is a sharp looking vehicle, but it doesn’t look like much of a performance animal as it claims to be.

The Roadster is sleekly designed, but it seems like, from the design, that it will be more of a one-trick-pony.

Hard acceleration will be the Roadsters claim to fame most likely.

Overall the car is very slippery looking, but it continues the design language of making the car look like an appliance.  That’s really my only complaint with most electric cars.

Sum It Up:

The new 2020 Tesla Roadster definitely has a lot to prove when it comes out.  The good news for Tesla is that they have three years (more like two, actually) to develop this thing into what it is claiming to be.  

With the Model 3 still being figured out and now the Tesla Semi being in the works, Tesla has a lot to figure out before they can truly focus on the Roadster.  

Pricing has been announced for the 2020 Tesla Roadster, with the launch version starting at $250,000 (with a $50,000 deposit) and the versions after beginning at $200,000.

I think it’s safe to say that the launch editions will sell out fairly quickly, and the market for these cars will eat them up.  However, I do know there’s also plenty of “Never-Tesla” people out there as well.


The world is excited as it should be, and we’ll all wait on Elon Musk to deliver on his promises in the meantime.  What are your thoughts on the new Roadster?

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