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Ever since the spy pics have emerged for the new Audi A7 2015 Redesign, we have been looking forward on seeing the car make it to its public unveiling. The vehicle has now managed to get it to the big show and the redesigned version is finished and ready to go. The first initial thought is that there are not many changes made compared with the previous version.

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This is actually a true fact as there has been less revising on the exterior and interior part. But the thing which has been enhanced are the technical support for the vehicle, which now features more memory and a technological upgrade which will benefit the vehicle greatly. Also a bit tune up on the engine goes a long way. The 2015 Audi A7 Redesign features and engine design which allows it to include a few more muscles and be more powerful than before.

Audi A7 2015 Redesign Exterior

The overall impression is that there have not been many things added to the exterior look of the vehicle. The redesigned Audi A7 does not seem that different at all compared to its predecessor. But the designers in Audi have given a few changes to refresh the outside look of the car. The front part of the car has suffered some changes, actually the part of the grille. The edges are more sharper than the previous model and it now includes seven bars opposed to the eight it once had.

Audi A7 2015 rear

The front lights have also been added a fresh new look which includes their being entirely remodeled and also include LED technology. Every car will come with a standard LED option while the LED Matrix option is available as a specially add-on. At the back the bumper has been remodeled as well and the tailpipes have been given a new trapezoid shape. Also the back lights were changed with the same LED technology as at the front which in a whole give a refreshing new look which on the surface does not seem that new but it’s there.

Audi A7 2015 rear side


The only changes inside of the 2015 Audi A7 Redesign include some minor ones in the look department and some alterations in the tech support. Firstly, the design of the car has been kept in whole and the only thing which is new is an array of the colors which are include. The seats, on the other hand, also include a new material which is more comfortable than the last one was.

Audi A7 2015 interior

The Valcona leather and the Beaufort walnut inlays is the only innovation brought in the new Audi A7. As for the gadgets is concerned, the A7 now has a brand new information system which performs better and much faster. This has been perhaps the greatest drawback of the previous model so the people from Audi have decided to add some more gigabytes to the model used and enhanced its capabilities.

Audi A7 2015 rear seats


The engine specs of the 2015 Audi A7 Redesign have been given an update as well as a few different trims. On a whole the car now has a bit more power than it used to have and includes an updated engine trims. The 3.0 TDI Clean Diesel engine is powered by a force of 218 horsepower, 14 more than its predecessor.

Audi A7 2015

The higher trim includes a uprated Clean Diesel which comes with 272 horsepower, while the bi-turbo version can charge up to 320 horsepower. The supercharged version includes a 3.0-liter TFSI gasoline engine with a power of 333 horsepower, or 23 more than before. The transmission is a choice between the S Tronic and an eight-speed Tiptronic and the seven-speed S Tronic.

Audi A7 2015 engine


Depending on the engine trim, the included add-ons and the type of suspension used, the pricing of the 2015 Audi A7 Redesign differs. The lowers you will expect to pay is $65,900 while the priciest option will come down to $72,150.


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