BISSELL SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner Review

When you’re looking for something serious to help you take care of your pride and joy, it can feel as though you search through thousands of machines and cleaners just to find something reliable.

Since you don’t want to trust any old device to clean your pride and joy, it can be hard finding something that has good reviews and a trusted name behind it.

The domestic machines aren’t strong enough to handle what you need, and the professional quality devices just have far too much power and cost for your one car at home. What you need is something in the middle ground that can give a professional quality clean with a small domestic packaging.

Using BISSELL SpotClean auto portable cleanerThe Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner is just this product, with a great mix of compactness and power to help you get your car just as clean as the professionals.

This portable device is the only tool you’ll ever need to give your car a sleek detailing and it couldn’t be easier to operate. If you’ve been hunting for a serious spot cleaner to keep your pride and joy in perfect shape, this is the choice for you.

About The Product

For those who love their car as if it were their baby, you take very seriously just what products you use to keep it clean.

The Bissell name has many years of positive reviews behind them with their range of cleaning products, ideally made to keep the interior of your car looking like new.

The SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner was designed as a versatile and multifunctional cleaner that can not only keep your car spotless but also tackle your home as well.

This spot cleaner uses a range of functions to give you a professional clean, and it suits everyone from the first time home user to small time professional operations.

This amazing device is full of the features you look for in a portable cleaner, with all of the right things to offer you power and convenience. When you purchase the Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner, you’ll receive:

  • Five flex hose which cleans spots and stains in hard to reach areas;
  • Includes six stair tool, three tough stain tools, and much more;
  • Comes with 8 oz. professional deep cleaning formula
  • Long reaching power cord for more flexibility
  • Two years limited warranty to cover you for damages and repairs;

BISSELL SpotClean auto portable cleaner with large tankIf you’ve tried steam cleaners and weren’t impressed, or used inferior spot cleaners in the past, you might be looking for something with a little more power behind it.

The Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner is used in conjunction with their deep cleaning formula to get you a clean that can rival the professionals.

The Good And The Bad About The Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner

The best feature of the SpotClean Auto POrtabe Cleaner is its suction, which just can’t be achieved from other cleaners. When you use this device with the cleaning formula offered by Bissell you’ll notice how instantly dry it is when compared with other deep cleaning products.

This means it’s ready to use again in no time and you don’t have to wait hours just for the dampness to disappear.

The reviews online regarding this cleaner all marvel about just how good of a job it does for removing stains, so if you’re working with a particularly dirty car or travel with children a lot, then this is the best choice.

Although steam cleaning is effective, sometimes you just need to use chemicals to get a deep enough clean done.

BISSELL SpotClean auto portable cleaner with long cordAlthough the Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner can achieve a deep clean, it’s not without effort from the operator.

There is quite a bit of rubbing and scrubbing with this device, whether it’s from changing the accessories or trying to clean a spot, so don’t expect a completely automatic clean like the name suggests. Other than that, though, it certainly gets the job done on all types of surfaces.

How To Get Your Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner

If you’ve read through all of the reviews and decided that the Bissell is the cleaner for you, you’re likely now looking for the best deal.

Thankfully, Amazon has an amazing offer on this cleaner currently with it listed at just under $125. When compared to other spot cleaners and steam cleaners on the market, that’s exceptional value for money.

One of the best things about this cleaner and the Bissell range, in particular, is their lengthy warranty period.

The Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner currently has a two-year limited warranty on all parts so you’re covered for far longer than comparable devices. This just speaks to its quality as well, as Bissell stands behind the products they make.

Bissell 3624 SpotClean professional portable carpet cleaner
Click on the image to check out this steam cleaner on Amazon.

If this warranty period isn’t enough, Amazon also offers some additional protection plans. Their three-year plan will cover you once the manufacturer’s period is up and covers all mechanical and electrical failures as well.

This costs just over $13 so it’s exceptional value for money when you think you can receive five years of coverage on the one device.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a serious spot cleaner and aren’t convinced that steam will do the job, it has to be the Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner. With this device and just a little bit of their professional cleaner, you can get all areas of your car looking spotless in no time.

For those who take the love of their car very seriously and want a professional job every time, click here to purchase the Bissell SpotClean Auto Portable Cleaner. You’ll be amazed at just how effective it can be for a home cleaning product.


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