Coming for the 30th anniversary of the BMW the makers of this automotive company have decided to make a special car to celebrate this milestone being one of the longest running and most popular automakers in the business, they are presenting us with a new BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 Concept.

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For those of you who do not know German, the “30 Jahre” in the name of the vehicle means 30 years which is just how long BMW has existed so far. For a special celebration a special vehicle is made, one which has a juiced up and amped up under the hood performance which is mixed up with the elegant style of the BMW vehicles. The new 2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre Concept is made to overpass the magic mark of 600 horsepower and exemplifies a magnificent combination of engineering by this automotive giant.

Additionally only 300 of them are going to be made and the cars, if not already sold out, are up for grabs. There are going to be 30 of them available of the UK market and another 30 for the US market. This is certainly going to be a valuable vehicle when its starts being a collectible item.

BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 rear

2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre Exterior

A special occasion needs a special design and the exterior appearance of the 2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre is certainly luxurious and special. BMW has matted its anniversary vehicle with Frozen Dark Silver Metallic exterior which gives of a serious new apeal to it. on the sides of the vehicle one will spot the Black Chrome “30 Jahre M5” badges fitted on the car. The badges are also fitted in the front to the impressive front fender which further stylize the car while at the back you will see twin dual exhaust pipes protruding out. to cap it all off, the final touch for this car is the inclusion of the 20 inch, bi-color M light-alloy wheels which is a sort of a cherry on top, although it is physically at the bottom of the vehicle.

BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 wheel


Inside of the new 2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre, you will also experience nothing but elegance. The vehicle is fitted with the most comfortable features that one could have hoped for to place in a car. The “30 Jahre M5” embroideries or badges are seen in several places on the vehicle while the seats are layered with Alcantara leather upholsteries.

BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 steering wheel

The M multifunction seats also make up for a generally favorable combination and complete the high level of comfortability given in the anniversary vehicle. The center console is also matted with Alcantara while as well as for the door panels. All in all “the birthday boy” exemplifies one of the most interesting and best inside models given by a vehicle and is more than capable of carrying the torch of a anniversary car.

BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 inside


For the special celebration that is the celebration of a 30-year anniversary, BMW has decided to tweak up a bit the power of the engine. For this special occasion the 2015 BMW M5 30 Jahre is planned to make it to the 600 horsepower mark.

It will be fitted with a 4.4L twin-turbo V8 engine which is set to enable the car reach a figure of 592 or horsepower. The torque will be increased to a total of 516 lb-ft and the car will be able to perform a 0-62 mph sprint in just 3.9 seconds. The powertrain also includes a standard seven-speed M-DCT dual-clutch transmission which with the combinations of other components is enough for the car to achieve an ultimate top speed of 155 mph.

BMW M5 30 Jahre 2015 engine

Price and Release Date

The car is going to be officially presented and shown on the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year and promises to be a smash of the show, despite some other BMW vehicles which are scheduled to appear here. The pricing of the car is also known as it has been officially released at $138,275.


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