The BMW X2 Is Really Going To Happen


Just under nine months ago or so was the North American International Auto Show.  Its the biggest automotive event near me and there’s always a ton of incredible vehicles on display.  Concept cars, redesigns, remakes; the like.

This year the BMW stand was such a crowded mess that we had to wait a day to go so that we could get an actual decent look at what they offered.  Really, everything was hard to see the first day.

So on the second day of the show, we were able to see the new 5 Series which was an absolute stunner.  Technology, style and power.   I love it.

In front of the 5 Series (if I remember right…) was something really interesting.  The BMW X2.

It was probably the least BMW out of the whole line up that the Bavarian’s brought there.  The X2 was a rugged looking compact SUV with those knobby tires for dirt, high ground clearance and of course some kidney grilles.  Interesting to say the least.

The X2 also had these two exhaust pipes sticking out that looked like jet engines.  Very cool.

Along with the likes of the Lexus UX which I wrote about recently, the X2 is a concept-compact SUV that aims to enter a very small market segment.

However, the BMW X2 is doing things a bit differently than the UX.  Over the course of time since we saw the X2 at NAIAS, the compact crossover has developed into a production version of itself.  Which is much different from what we saw in January.

The Specs-BMW X2:

Vehicle Type: Compact SUV
Power Plant: Not Yet Available
Gearbox: Not Yet Available
Power: Not Yet Available
MPG: Not Yet Available
Torque: Not Yet Available
Length: Not Available
Width: Not Available
Height: Not Available
Wheelbase: Not Available
Top Speed: Not Available
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): Not Available
Base Price: Not Yet Available

The BMW X2 has evolved quite a bit from the model we saw at the Detroit Auto Show.  Now, BMW wants to put the X2 into production as a compact SUV situated just above the X1.  That’s a full line-up for you. From X1-X7.

However the production version will be very different compared to the concept at NAIAS.  No longer will it have beefy tires, wide fenders and an off-road chic about it.

The X2 is just like a lot of concept cars that meet the same fate. I guess we can blame regulations and such for watering down what would be awesome and unique vehicles.

Recently, the X2 has been spotted wearing some interesting camouflage as it gets ready for its production debut.

Even though it’s been spotted out and about, BMW still hasn’t released any details.  All is we know is what the camo-ed-up version looks.  Not even the release date was announced, even though it looks pretty close to production.

We can tell a fair bit from the car even when it’s under some covering.  Mainly, you can see BMW’s newest design language.

The Exterior-BMW X2:

At Milano Fashion Week, a lot of photographers saw the X2 in its new camo dress.  It retains some styling from the concept car, so let’s talk about that for a second.

The BMW X2 concept had massive grilles up front and headlights that are slender and feature BMW’s headlamp design we see in cars on the road today.

BMW also fitted larger intakes on the sides of the bumper to complete the X2’s very assertive look.

The side intakes are very aggressive and formed nicely around the bumper.  It’s ambitious looking and I like that.

BMW’s X2 concept has a sporty rear end as well and still retains a capable style.

The Production Version:

The two cars, both production and concept share a lot of styling similarities.  Which is obvious, but they seem to be made for different purposes now.

The production version of the X2 looks like a stylish, compact crossover.

From the front, you can see BMW restyled the kidney grilles to have more of a boxed shape and more pronounced character.

The head lights have also been reshaped from the concept version.  Wider lamps are fitted most likely to comply with regulations and such.

Also, the front fascia is much softer.  It is still a cool looking SUV, but seems to be pursuing a different purpose.

BMW kept the roof line slender and athletic, and the back of the car is actually much like the concept version which is nice.  The bumper is changed, but it still looks great.

Versus the X1, the X2 is a bit smaller and has a more athletic style to it.  The more hatchback curvature and lower ride height let the X2 look more dynamic.

The X1 and the X2 are very similar to each other underneath, which means they have similar body structures as well.  Even though the X2 is a bit more sporty.  Which is still very different from the X2 concept.

Overall, I think the new X2 is a sharp looking SUV, but it opens up a lot of questions for consumers.

It shares the same architecture as the X1 (which means it has a front-wheel-drive option) and has generally the same proportions.  Except it’s slightly smaller.  So it’s a less practical X1.

The X1 was a very successful machine for BMW, and I’m not sure if they’re replacing the X1 with the X2, or slotting it below somehow.  Maybe you can tell me…

The Interior-BMW X2:

The interior of most BMW’s exhibit the same kind of design language as we’ve seen from BMW for years.  It’s a working formula.

Some may say that the interiors of BMW’s haven’t changed since the 1980’s and in some ways, they’re right.

But you can’t deny BMW uses great materials and is perfectly functional.   BMW is very straight forward with how they design things on the inside of their cars, and it works every time.  Repetitive?  Sure, but you can’t deny it’s a proven system.

Anyway, the BMW X2 has only really been seen in concept form, and even then the interior wasn’t visible to the public.

The car that was spotted in public never turned up any good photos of the interior, so we’ll have to use our brains here.

BMW recently redesigned things on the inside of their cars to keep with the times.  The new 5 Series is a lovely example of this and of course the new 7 Series speaks for itself.

With that said we can anticipate the inside of the BMW X2 to reflect the new language BMW is using.  Larger screens, redesigned wheel, new instrument cluster design and new seating are some of the updates.

The X2 also looks a bit smaller than the X1.  That means interior space will most likely be affected.  But we don’t know to what degree.

BMW X2 Interior Spyshot

The roof line indicates that head room will be shorter than the X1’s due to the slender profile and athletic shaping of the X2 as well.

BMW’s baby active crossover should a stylish little place to be on the inside, and should all together make for a convincing entry into this market.

The market for these smaller SUV’s continues to grow here in the United States and seemingly around the world.

We see entries coming from Lexus, Infiniti, Cadillac, Mercedes and now BMW.  Everyone is taking notice of the market that would seem small, but is growing rapidly for manufactures to develop models this quickly.

The Performance-BMW X2:


The X2 will be an interesting animal.  The small SUV will use the same chassis as the BMW X1, which means it will offer front wheel drive and of course BMW’s xDrive system.

As for power plants, nothing has been confirmed quite yet but we suspect that there will be a number of offerings from the Bavarian’s.

Rumor has it that in Europe, there will be a couple of diesel offerings and they won’t be available in the United States.  Seems like standard issue to me.

For the gasoline powered options, we’re betting a 2.0 L four cylinder engine will be in the base level models and potentially a 3.0 L I6 for the higher trim levels like a X2 35i or something of that nature.

I don’t think we’ll see an X2 M for some time but BMW has a habit of doing things like that so I wouldn’t be surprised.  Even though we never saw an X1 M, I think the X2 M would make more sense since it’s a sportier SUV over the X1.

But I could be wrong.  Perhaps the X2 40i will be the limit.

Regardless of what powers the X2, I think we’ll see a capable little SUV just like the X1.  The X1 is plenty quick on its own and BMW knows how to get the right amount of power out of any platform, even if it’s front wheel drive.

I don’t really agree with BMW making a front wheel drive platform as BMW’s are historically more geared toward the driving experience (rear-wheel or all-wheel) but you know how it goes: If it sells, they’ll make it.

Sum It Up:

The BMW X2 looks to be coming soon to BMW dealerships around the country, even though we don’t really know much about it at the moment.

BMW is focusing a lot of their energy and money on developing the Z4 and 8 Series cars that have been teased recently as well.

Not only those, but BMW is releasing the new 3 Series soon as well as the X7, and only just released the new 5 Series and 7 Series.  A true lineup over haul.

With all of that happening, it’s easy to see how the X2 got over shadowed.  But I’m sure that’ll change with the release of the vehicle.

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