Bollinger B1

Bollinger B1: An Interesting Addition To A Growing Market


Reinventing the automobile isn’t an easy thing to do.  But recently, we’ve seen a massive influx in companies trying to do just that.

Tesla is even regarded as one of the more familiar faces in the whole alternate-powered-car world.  The prominent electric car maker set a stage for a new race.

Companies like Faraday Future, Lucid, Venturi and even Dyson and Apple have been linked into this new world.

Now obviously I don’t want to discount the workings of Toyota wit their Prius, Chevrolet with their Volt, Nissan with their Leaf, and others I may be leaving out.  They’ve absolutely been making this sort of thing for a while now and deserve recognition.

The younger market of drivers are looking to these sorts of new machines to drive in the future.  Younger people generally like that sort of thing.  In fact, more and more younger generations are hardly interested in driving at all.

Autonomous vehicles (or the concept of them) are taking pop culture by storm these days.

This sort of thing makes me a bit sad because I’m 100% for the classic ICE; Internal combustion engine.


I don’t see the excitement in electric cars and definitely don’t see it in autonomous cars.  But that’s my two cents.  

Anyway, it looks like we have to add a new manufacturer onto the long and growing list of electric car makes.  Bollinger.


Specs – Bollinger B1:

Vehicle Type: Off-Road Utility Truck
Powertrain: 60Kw – 100Kw motors
Gearbox: One Speed
Power: 360 HP
MPG: 67.5 MPGe (est.)
Torque: 472 Lb-ft.
Length: 150 Inches
Width: 76.5 Inches
Height: 73.5 Inches
Top Speed: Not Yet Available
Seating: Four Adults
Wheelbase: 105 Inches
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): Not Yet Available
Base Price: Not Yet Available


Now we can talk about this interesting machine.  The Bollinger B1.  

Bollinger Motors is a very new company.  They only have one product, and it still in the development phase.  I’m not saying that’s a bad thing; I’m just letting you know!

That being the case, there isn’t a lot of information out there for the B1.  But, it does look like a very interesting addition to the electric vehicle market.

The Bollinger B1 is an electric truck.  Four wheel drive, 360 horsepower, rugged design and only purpose in mind.

It’s not beautiful, elegant or even comfortable.  It’s a purpose built machine and to look at it any other way is a mistake.


The Exterior – Bollinger B1:

Onto the exterior of the interesting Bollinger B1, you don’t get much in the ways of elegant styling.   

But that’s exactly what the creators of the B1 electric truck wanted.  Straightforward truck-ness.

Most electric cars out there that get released continuously have some crazy styling.  Like the Model S to the Rimac Concept One.  They push the boundaries of design to further look like spaceships.

Nothing wrong with that honestly, since the space-age technology in the car kind of elicits a space-age design.

You don’t get any of that with the Bollinger B1.

The Bollinger B1 is as basic as you can possible get with car design.

It’s a box with headlights and tail lights and seats in the middle.  And that’s pretty much it.  If you thought the Jeep Wrangler was a simplistic design, the Bollinger B1 is definitely on a different level.

The Bollinger B1 is has exposed rivets and basically the bare minimum as far as being a car goes.

You can call it lazy, but that’s exactly what Bollinger was going for.  The essentials.

The Bollinger B1 is an off-roading machine capable on any terrain as is powered by electricity.

The boxy design and massive ride height is perfect for its purpose.  

From the front of the car, the Bollinger B1 features a tow hook, circular headlights and blinkers, and small grilles.  Again, that’s pretty much it.

Bollinger B1

The side of the Bollinger B1 shows off the very boxy lines.  This simplicity allows Bollinger to offer a cover for the back of the truck  which is nice and makes the design look more complete and features rear seats.

On the back of the Bollinger B1 you get brake lights, turn signals and reverse lamps.  Past that you get a bumper, some reflects and that’s it.  Very, very minimal.

Overall I like what Bollinger did here.  It’s super simple, and knows what it is.  It doesn’t try to be fancy or quilted because it is an all-terrain utility vehicle.  And that’s it.  

I think that cars (or trucks in this case) go to great lengths to be something that they’re not.  In today’s market, you have a lot of trucks that try to put a ton of luxurious features in that almost defeat the purpose of being a truck.

This sort of thing annoys me a bit, as I think cars built for a purpose shouldn’t really divert from it.  That’s why I like the Bollinger B1; even though I’m not a fan of electric cars or even trucks.  It knows what it is and doesn’t pretend to be something it’s not.  I think we can all appreciate that.

The Interior-Bollinger B1:

This is another area of the B1 where there really isn’t much to discuss.  Bollinger continued the bare-bones approach for the B1 on the inside, where there is barely an interior to speak of.  I love it.

An interesting feature in most electric cars like the Bollinger B1 is the absence of that clunky center tunnel found in traditional cars.  This is because electric cars don’t feature large transmissions to be housed in the middle of the cabin.

So in its place, Bollinger placed a small table and a tool box on top of it in between the driver and passenger.  Clever.

From the driver’s seat, you will see the bare essentials.  The steering wheel, gear selector (presumably for drive and reverse) the gauges and again that’s pretty much it.

The rest of the interior is equally as bare.  The seats are pretty standard car seats, the radio and “infotainment” is a small circle in the middle of the dashboard, and the rest is pretty much bare metal.

Bollinger B1

Even the front end of the B1 opens up from the passenger cell in the middle of the vehicle to completely expose it.  I think it’s to carry abnormally long cargo like a tree trunk or something…If you need it, it’s there.

Again, I applaud Bollinger for this bare-bones approach to an electric truck.  It’s like those little kits you can get at science museums but big enough to sit in.

The simplicity is beautiful in the B1.  The utility vehicle fills a small void in the market that I think it’s customers will really appreciate.


The Performance – Bollinger B1:

The performance aspect of the Bollinger B1 all comes to its capability as a utility vehicle, and not its speed.

That’s the issue that other electric car makes are having right now.  

Faraday Futures FF91 (I think that’s what it’s called…) is for some reason so focused on speed and acceleration that it detracts from what the car is.  A luxurious cruiser.  Not a supercar.

It’s for that reason that I appreciate the B1.  It knows what it is and doesn’t try to be anything else.

That all being said, we can talk about some specs.

The Bollinger B1 has four motors, each connected to a wheel.  They produce a total of 3360 horsepower and 472 pound feet of torque.  Very good numbers for an off-roader.

Plus, that 472 pound feet of torque is available instantly.  That’s the beauty of electric propulsion.  Instant torque.  Which is absolutely something a utility vehicle the Bollinger B1 could use.  Utility vehicles need that torque.

Besides those figures, there isn’t much out there in terms of performance data to go by; Other than the fact you can get 67 MPGe.  Which is nice.

But that bit of performance metrics is just enough.  You get what the thing was made for and it packs the numbers to handle itself nicely in an off-road situation.

The Bollinger B1 is definitely packed to made do for what it’s made for.  


Sum It Up – Bollinger B1:


The Bollinger B1 is a special vehicle that fills a special gap in the market.  

I do like what the machine is all about, and I hope that is gets enough orders to really take off.  Apparently Bollinger is planning a four door version as well, which does seem a bit premature to me.

Maybe see how successful or unsuccessful the first model is before planning and potentially building a four door model?  Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, the Bollinger B1 is currently taking orders from their website.  It seems simple enough to get right for a small company, and that’s one reason why I think you should get one if the B1 is something you’re looking for.

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