It’s been a while since I’ve written here, and that is mainly because I had a legendary trip to a little piece of heaven…in New Jersey.

Furthermore, if you went to this particular location in Rockaway NJ, you’d notice it doesn’t look like any sort of heaven you might imagine.  A fairly average looking place.

But, there’s a couple garages tucked away that are just breathtaking.  Especially if you like Ferraris.

Yellow Compass Group

Yellow Compass Group is a specialty Ferrari dealership in Rockaway, New Jersey.  I flew out there to interview the owner, Mike Berman, about his cars and what makes them so special.  I was completely blown away.

Mike is a fantastic human being, with all the energy and charisma in the world.  Crazy about his cars and making new friends.

He is a true quality person, and was a pleasure to work with.

Through the weekend, we got to take a tour, interview Mike, take a ride in some incredible machines, meet amazing people, and have some great penne with vodka sauce. It was amazing.

Obviously, we had an incredible time.  Below you’ll find a video we made during our stay where Mike takes us around a tour of his fantastic inventory.  Enjoy!


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