In the midst of all the hype electric cars are getting these days, we see a lot of countries administrations putting in plans to make bold steps in the name of climate conservation.

These includes plans to severely cut carbon emissions, which obviously means they’re coming for our cars.

I am all for taking measures to get more than 10 miles per gallon and not have toxic fumes belt into the air.  But lofty eventual bans sometimes are a lot harder to implement than it seems.

So now, France is looking to ban the sale of gasoline and diesel powered vehicles by the year 2040.  There are a lot of ways you can look at this.

Right now it is 2017, and our current technological state is very impressive but I can’t help but feel like we’re a bit behind the flying cars and Utopian cities only years ago we all thought we’d have by then.  Should we be much further ahead of where we are right now?

On the other hand, we can look at the insane speed of progress we’ve had even in the last twenty or thirty years.  There have been so many significant developments that these sort of aspirations do seem like they’ll come true.

But, the car industry has largely been the same since the late 1800’s, really.

So much so that the car community largely isn’t a fan of these sorts of future bans.  We could be in a position in 2040 that we hardly ever even drive cars (autonomous tech), so it depends where the world is at, really.

As of right now, collectors and car enthusiast will most definitely be hurt by the ban.  The market for classic cars and performance cars with glorious V12’s and V8’s are definitely a strong suit in France.

France offers a lot of great places to drive performance cars, classic cars and race cars.  Some of the best driving roads in the world are in France.  Le Mans is in France.  Can you imagine an all-electric Le Mans 24 Hour?

I know that there may still be gasoline/diesel cars still run around France in 2040 since the ban is for the sale of the car and not usage (for now) but I definitely feel a choking effect on (more or less) fun cars.

Fun Governor:

With cars getting more and more technology packed into them, many agree that newer cars are just not as fun to drive anymore.

I do have to agree with this point, with recently driving a car with drive-by-wire technology which completely disconnects the steering wheel from the steering column.  This is F1 technology, but the car was completely numb.

In today’s world, cars have never been more boring and cars and never been so interesting.  Doesn’t make sense, does it?

Manual transmissions are disappearing, FWD passenger sedans all seem the same and manufactures just make what sells.

It seems like the market just doesn’t care about driving anymore.  If you can’t tell by now, most people would rather have the car drive them rather than the other way around.

People want safe and smooth cars which I really can’t complain about since technology is meant to make life easier.  But, the fun car is slowly being killed off, and I can’t help but believe France will be one of the many who decidedly kill off the fun car in favor of refrigerators with wheels.

Technology is definitely on track to remove gas and diesel cars from the road all together, but I can’t help but feel there will be a lot of people who still want Ferrari 458′s and the like.

Will we eventually say good bye to fun cars?  Can electric cars be fun?  I guess only time will tell unfortunately.


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