Hello folks! Hope you are all doing good and welcome to the next car review. This time we have Rivian SUV, a performance monster for you. If you are always looking for a powered-up car, then you will be highly glad to see this one!! This all-new Rivian SUV has already created hype for its fantastic looks and its exciting feature. Yes, you heard right- electric!! We are coming back to that afterward.

As you already know that Rivian has a prominent name in the car manufacturing, and with its all-new Rivian SUV, they are set to take a notch up in the game.

We know that you are excited to know about the world’s first electric adventure vehicle just much as we are. So, without wasting any more time, let’s see what it got in detail.

Rivian SUV Exterior

After hearing the car model name, you have understood it is an SUV car that means it has a rugged build. It has a clean and robust bodyline, which is helpful to give the vehicle a modern and classy look and also helps to boost the performance level and integrate all the technologies.

The bodyline of the car is not only used to provide a silhouette characteristic but also it can wonderfully highlight the Gear Tunnel outline of the vehicle. It also features the one of a kind, iconic Stadium Headlights that can easily differentiate it with the other SUV models out there. Also, the whole structure of the car provides a rugged, stout look.

The Interior

While the exterior of the Rivian SUV is very tough, the Rivian SUV interior will give you a premium, sophisticated feel that conveys the authentic craftsmanship. The materials and the color used in the vehicle are also stunning and set aside the car from the other. The manufacturers used wood throughout the whole interior of the car, and the very natural finishing of the vehicle will give you a warm and cozy feeling. The material gets its inspiration from the active gear and the sportswear and implements it in the high-wear area of the interior and makes them very easy to clean as well as durable.

Battery Backup

Now let’s come to the section that we are all excited about, the car battery. We know it is not very usual to talk about the battery backup for a car, but for this Rivian SUV, it is an important thing. The battery cell of the Rivian SUV is created in such a way that it can deliver you the optimum performance even in the most challenging journey. It has robust underbody protection as well as the advanced thermal management system, which will give you the power to explore further.

The Rivian SUV has done a great job of creating the algorithm for battery management. Their AI system understands the driver behaviors and then optimizes the battery power according to it, resulting in a user-specific battery management service that can extend the battery life while making sure the battery health. Therefore, you can enjoy extended battery life with a healthy battery in your car.

There are three options available for the battery capacity; the first one is 180kWh, the largest among the three, the second is the 135kWh. While these two versions are available during the launch, the third one of 105kWh will be available after six months of launching the car.

Charging Option

As Rivian SUV is driven by the battery, of course, the battery needs to be recharged. You may be wondering how long a battery can last on a car or how fast you can charge it. Well, we also have the same questions, but Rivian SUV really impresses us with its fantastic charging systems. We are delighted to see that a 30 minutes charge gives users a 200 miles mileage. All thanks to its groundbreaking battery management algorithms. The battery also has support for fast charging, and the charging rate of the fast charger is 160kW.

And if you are not in a hurry, then you can also go for the rapid charging instead of fast charging. Rivian SUV also features an 11kW onboard charger along with the fast DC charger, leaving you with more options to explore.


This car can offer you more lockable storage than any other vehicle in the price range. It has a 330-liter front tank for your daily usage, and the fully powered hood makes it very easy to operate. The lockable gear tunnel of the car also has more than 350 liters of storage, and that can help you to store your daily essentials from strollers to golf bags and other luggage if you are going out of town for a vacation. The five-passenger truck is ideal for an outing, or you can also roam in the city with the help of it because of its nice build and attractive outlook.

The Engine

Rivian SUV has a quad motor setup, which is making it one of the most power-packed SUVs. The engine can deliver 147kW and accurate torque control over the wheel. With the help of this durable engine, you can experience an excellent performance even when you are on an uneven surface and also the low-speed rock crawling feature simultaneously. With the 3500 Nm, this SUV can easily reach 60 mph within three seconds, and within seven seconds, you can rush it to 100 mph. So there is not much to say about the engine; it is already a powerhouse that will not disappoint you in performance.

When the Great Hardware Meets the Software

Although the Rivian SUV is very well built, all the performance does not entirely come from the hardware of the car. The software is also crucial to provide magnificent performance. The digital user interface of the vehicle is very responsive, and the software can easily handle the vital everyday tasks easily.

The Final Thought If you are looking for a car that looks beautiful from both inside and outside while providing great performance as well, then you can never go wrong with Rivian SUV. Moreover, the Rivian SUV price also justified!! This makes it every car lover’s ultimate dream.