Although, not having anything new to showcase at the Detroit Motor Show in January, Jaguar was not attending the spectacle empty handed. By not having all that much to offer, Jaguar actually managed to get our attention with a teaser for the upcoming Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 vehicle. This was the first mention of this car at this show and it gives us something to look forward to from Jaguar.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 side

Well actually, the teaser is a production vehicle form the 2014 C-X17 concept version which was presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2013, and this teaser is the first step towards it receiving its production model. Their new performance crossover vehicle is described as being a family car but also a sports version.

This is something which has been expected from Jaguar for a long time. Something spectacular like the F-Pace is certainly going to rattle the automotive industry and tell the audience that Jaguar is back with their brand new performance vehicle.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 roof

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 Exterior

A lot of things were seen from the teaser, and yet there weren’t. Not much has been actually disclosed from Jaguar as they are keeping much of the actual details about the car for themselves. After all this is a teaser and it is not right to tell us everything immediately, it is here to tickle our imagination a bit as well.

What we have immediately noticed is that the F-pace relies on the design of the C-X17 Concept. The car is meant to have a perfect balance of being practical, with great performance all with a great style to show for. What we expect from it is actually a traditionally luxury seen in every Jaguar sports car but with a better design than before.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 grill


On the inside, we expect something spectacular as on the outside. Jaguar is certainly going to give it its best to come up with a great balance of internal and external elements to come up with a great car. Inside you will have a five-seat space and exceptional road dynamics. This means that you will be able to experience the ride firsthand by it being extreme on all levels.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 rear

To get a better description of the inside of the car you may look at the aforementioned concept vehicle. The all new perfectly executed dashboard panels and futuristic design are what characterized the model. It brings everything what Jaguar stands for in a nutshell and offers it to us.

Also the comfort level is supposed to be off the chart. With the inclusion of some fine leather trimmings with the already included technological upgrade, the F-Pace will provide a truly unique driving experience.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 front side

Engine of Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015

There is far yet time to talk about what will be going on under the hood of this car. There are several speculations but still no confirmations to go with them. What is rumored to be used are a four-cylinder V6 or a V8 engine. Which one of those will make the cut we are not certain yet, perhaps both may come out at the end as winners as there might be several trims offered as well.

The safe thing to say is that the car is going to be more than spectacular. A performance crossover vehicle from Jaguar will certainly not suffer from lack of speed or lack of luxury. But only time will tell us for certain what is going to come in line at the end.

Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015 front grill

Price and Release Date

The release date is actually all we have going on for us, as the production vehicle has already been announced to hit the stands coming of 2016. The arrival of the teaser has confirmed the actual release date about which people are more than excited to see. So be ready for more news about the Jaguar F-Pace Crossover to come soon.

The price of Jaguar Teases F-Pace Crossover 2015will be released also when the actual car is released to the general public. We cannot speculate about this subject as we do not have a lot to go on, so a through look can be available in a few months perhaps.


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