Jaguar XJ220 2015 side

The history of the Jaguar XJ220 is quite long and interesting. The vehicle was produced for the first time 23 years ago and was built to represent the first wave of the up and coming supercars. The car mission, so to say, was to be the first to break the magical speed of 220 mph. The first design of the vehicle was commissioned to do just that and with the joint forces of Ford and Sport the vehicle managed to achieve all its glory by breaking the given speed. Now when the popularity of this vehicle is settled down we are in for a reboot. The upcoming Jaguar XJ220 2015 is a model which has been taken after the original car and will pay respect to its forefather but with a modern design and with the addition of new-age inclusions which will bring back this vehicle on the map. So many years ago Jaguar took the production of this car and managed to achieve something that not many people expected it to be, today Jaguar is presenting you with an upgraded version of its supercar that promise to be exponential.

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Jaguar XJ220 2015 Exterior and Interior

The design of the vehicle has been modeled on the legendary vehicle which started it all. Of course, the 2015 Jaguar XJ220 includes some modern upgrades which will help it come to the modern era. The vehicle sports a magnificent look which does not only look fast but elegant as well. Jaguar has managed to keep all the necessary characteristics which has made this car ever so popular but has also included some changes which have made the car better looking and also enabled it to perform better. The car is very fast due to its aerodynamic built and elegant in doing so as every person would certainly want to take a drive with it when seeing it on the road.

Jaguar XJ220 2015 front side

As for the inside is concerned, safety and comfort are the prime issues. The car has kept its sporty look inside and features sports seats for an ultimate feel while driving. The included innovations are the all new leather upholsteries which are very comfy and make you feel relaxed while enjoying your ride. Included also to enhance the comfort of the inside of the car are the air-conditioning system and modern audio devices for entertainment. Additionally all the gauges and specs for when driving the car are neatly laid in front of you on the dashboard enabling you to maximally be concentrated on the road while being able to quickly check the specs at the same time.

Jaguar XJ220 2015 inside


The car was first rumored to be using a 6.2 liter V12 engine, but new 2015 Jaguar XJ220 was fitted with a 3498cc V6. With the inclusion of a pair of Garrett T3 turbocharger and the combine power of the engine the XJ220 is capable of outputting a power of 550 horsepower at 7,000 r / min and 645 Nm at 4500 / min and a 404 kW as well. The will use a manual five-speed transmission system which goes hand in hand with the engine of the vehicle and enables it to reach the potential a true supercar has to. The V6 engine with the combination of the included modifications make the car accelerate 0-100 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, or a 160 km/h in 8 seconds.

Jaguar XJ220 2015 engine


In order to afford this whapping vehicle one will certainly have to dig deep into one’s pocket. The car is currently price between 500.000 dollars and 700.000 dollars, which is truly an outstanding figure. But the ones who are willing to pay that much know what they are buying and a certain to get the performance out of this car they wish to.

Jaguar XJ220 2015 front side


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