The Jaguar XJR Has Come A Long Way


Recently, a good friend of mine and I visited a very interesting spectacle called the Jaguar Art of Performance Tour.

I was expecting a ton of cheesy-ness and marketing garbage before going there, as you get with a lot of these “VIP Events”.

But I was very pleasantly surprised when I arrived at this particular event.

Right when you walk in you’re greeted with Jaguar’s latest lineup of cars and SUV’s and they are gorgeous.

Jaguar brought along their newest iteration of the F-Type which is called the 400.  400 horsepower, and a limited edition for 2018.  Very cool.

Jaguar F-Type

Next to that was the newest XE-S.  A supercharged V6 in a comfortable and sporty package.  I was particularly a fan of that one.

After that you had the XJ Sportbrake.  The most stylish wagon out there in my opinion.

Past the Sportbrake was the F-Pace and E-Pace.  Both awesome in their own right.

And of course, the subject of this article.  The Jaguar XJR.

Right when I saw this particular Jag, I was taken back a few steps.  Since the model back in 2004, the XJR has developed into a beautiful full size sedan that evokes a type of 1950’s private jet feel.  I’ll go into that later.

Of course the XJR Jaguar had at the event was a fully-loaded example called the 575 which again, stands for the horsepower.  575 horses in a full size sedan.

The XJR isn’t cheap obviously.  The standard car starts around $75,000 and loaded examples creep into the $100,000 range.

Let’s explore this monster of a car.

The Specs-Jaguar XJR:

Vehicle Type: Fullsize Sedan
Power Plant: 5.0 L V8
Gearbox: 8 speed automatic
Power: 550-575 HP
MPG: Up to 23 Highway/15 City 
Torque: 502 lb-ft.
Length: 202 – 207 Inches
Width: 75 Inches
Height: 58 Inches
Wheelbase: 119.4 – 124.3 Inches
Top Speed: 155 MPH (Limited)
Seating: 5 Adults
0-60 MPH (0-120 KPH): 3.8 Seconds
Base Price: $75,000 (est).


The spec that Jaguar brought to the Art of Performance Tour was absolutely beautiful.

The paint work on the body of the car was a deep midnight blue from far away.  But when you got close to it, you could see different speckles of glimmering purple, green and blue that sparkled in the light.  It was immensely beautiful to look at.

On top of that, the car featured black accents including the grille, badges, vents and rims.  It looked insane.

Jaguar’s XJR used to be all about the executive appeal and nothing really more, and that is where the newest iteration has some similarities.

However, just by looking at the new car you can see how much has changed since then.  The new Jaguar XJR is a ruthless performance animal that features an interior nicer than most houses.

The car is available in standard wheelbase and long wheelbase form for a more luxurious ride.

The front end of the XJR features more aggressive styling than the standard XJ, which is to be expected.

Jaguar has changed a lot since the 2004 XJR, which is decently popular second hand.

On top of the styling change, Jaguar is also very confident in the reliability of their cars.

When we were at the Art of Performance event, we talked with a spokesperson who said that Jaguar is now offering a 60,000 mile / 5 Year warranty on their cars.

Most in this class are at 50,000 miles.  I would definitely say 60,000 miles is better.

The Exterior – Jaguar XJR

Jaguar XJR

Back even ten years ago, the Jaguar XJR had a completely different style and direction to it.

It was a massive sedan which still remains, but the new XJR is much more sporty and in my opinion more beautiful.

The example that Jaguar had featured at the Art of Performance Tour was perfect in my eyes as I explained earlier.  I loved it. 

In any case, the car started years ago as an executive cruiser for a gentle ride and developed into a pretty refined and sporty sedan.

The car has a very sexy face.  I know that sounds really weird but the eyes are curled over and softly squinted and it looks great.

The bold grille now features a refined emblem that is basically a jaguar roaring at you.  Super cool.

The secondary air vents on the side of the bumper are distinctly Jaguar.  Even with the aggression and assertive face, the Jaguar XJR manages not to be too shouty looking.  A style I’m sure owners enjoy.


From the side, you really get a good idea of the massive size of the XJR.  It’s a big car.

The roof line is very slender and low-cut, but you’d never really notice on the inside of the car.  

Usually with a low-profile roof line, the head room in the cabin gets compromised for the sake of outside looks but this is not the case for the new XJR. More on that later.

The front and rear overhang is very long, and the C-pillar features that “floating” look.  Very stylish on this big sedan.

On the back of the Jaguar XJR, you get a large trunk, swooping (and lovely) tail lights and new quad-outlet exhaust tips.

Normal XJ’s have large dual outlet exhaust tips that have been around for some time now.

The XJR gets the quad treatment as Jaguar wants you to know it’s the more hardcore version.  Which works pretty well.

The Interior-Jaguar XJR:

Jaguar XJR

The inside of the XJR is immaculate.  

At the Art of Performance Tour, I first sat in the back seat which was a good place to be.

First you notice the quilted-leather goodness you’re sat in.  It’s soft and the seating position is very comfortable.

To the left you find the center seat folds down and reveals some controls for reclining the rear seats, ventilation and heating.  A truly luxurious experience.

In front of you is a big screen that you can control with the remote control that comes with the car.  Plus a small tray like on an airplane seat.

These sort of amenities seem to be getting more and more commonplace for this caliber of car.  You see it with the top-level Mercedes S-Class, Cadillac CT6, Audi A8 and BMW 7 Series.  

The XJR does things a little bit differently, though.  I quite like it.

Jaguar’s XJR has an interior that reminds me of a 1950’s styled private jet.  The way the air vents are shaped, the analog clock, the glossy black accents, the wood paneling and so much more give off that vibe.

Plus, you get an ash tray.  In a time where that sort of thing is frowned upon, it oddly looks at home in the big Jag.  Flashy as can be.

The front seats are just as nice to sit in as the rear seats.  The air vents are controlled super smoothly.  When you move the assembly around, it glides like butter.   Jaguar really put some time and effort into the air vents.


They put time and effort into every material you touch on the inside.  It’s lovely.

The instrument cluster is completely digital now as well.  You can configure it in a number of ways to suit your tastes, and the infotainment screen still allows passenger use to be easy and un-disruptive to what the driver needs to see.

There is a definite learning curve for all the technology, but you’d be hardpressed to find a new car in the XJR’s class that doesn’t have some type of learning curve to take advantage of all the fancy tech.

The car makes no mistake about what it is.  Especially in “L” form (which means long wheelbase.  Which means more luxury).

Jaguar’s XJR can be equipped in this long-wheelbase form, which amps everything up to 11.

The interior is mapped out very well and appointed with the top-notch materials you’d expect out of a car nearing the $100,000 mark.

The main thing Jaguar nailed with the interior of the XJR is you know it is much more than an average car.  There is very little about it that is “average”.  

Sure, it depends on how you spec the car but you can tell Jaguar wants the XJR to meet some sort of standard of excitement.  I appreciate that.

The Performance – Jaguar XJR:

Jaguar XJR

The XJR is the performance version of the XJ.  That kind of goes without saying, as there is an “R” added to the name.  If you know how companies (usually) name cars, you’ll know that putting an “R” at the end means it’s more sporty.

The XJR features a 5.0 L supercharged V8 (!) and can output as much as 575 horsepower.  And that’s a lot.

Even with the massive weight and size, the XJR will so a zero to sixty sprint in 3.8 seconds which is insanely quick for a car of its size.

Other than the massive engine, you get active dampers and ride control to help keeps things in line as you mash the pedal.

Obviously though, the XJR gets unsettled and isn’t as nimble as it could be.  Because it’s a massive executive sedan.  

Without stomping on the throttle, the car is composed and can really cater to itself in the city.  A lovely cruiser.  

Just don’t make it mad.

Sum It Up:

The XJR is impressive.  In the simplest term, the car is impressive.  It’s luxurious, sporty in the right places and is definitely a Jaguar.

The XJR is a pricy one too.  The thing starts around $100,000 while the standard XJ can be had for less than $75,000.  Jaguar really isn’t messing around.

But if you have the money, the XJR does things in a style that is unlike any other at this price point.  You’ll have to experience one to see what I mean.


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