The current hype related to Lexus is its upcoming release of the Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model vehicle. Firstly, there were only two spy photos taken and released of the vehicle. The photos were released as a teaser for the fans but Lexus has not officially confirmed what the car is going to be at that point.

Later on came the confirmation. People were expecting RC F vehicle in the new Lexus fleet with it being the new F brand high performance vehicle. As the confirmation was released the crowd went mad as the highly expected dream was soon to become a reality.

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In order to keep up with the models such as the BMW M5 or the Mercedes E63 AMG, this is the best step for Lexus by releasing a power vehicle. The F brand is actually the perfect way to go. It has been gaining popularity in recent years as it offers a pedestrian package to a sports vehicle. Everybody has grown to like this premise and are highly interested in it.

The release of this vehicle is scheduled for the upcoming Detroit Moto Show, which is coming in January. Till then, not other pieces of information about this car will be revealed. The only specs and design changes about the car are based on the offered spy photos and the assumptions which Lexus is certainly going to add to this car. Here are some presumable facts about the car gathered so far, but for the official and detailed description about the vehicle we shall have to wait for its official release date.

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model bonet

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model Design

As it can be seen and presumed by the spy pics, the upcoming Lexus F model is going to have a cool new look. The front grille has been completely redesigned while the new fishhook LED daytime lights were added. The boomerang-shaped DRLs with the modified features of this car will make it attractive and interesting to drive and will be most suitable for every occasion.

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model interior

According to the pictures we have also concluded that the F brand will have massive four-piston calipers with the added slotted rotors. All of this is surrounded by double-spoke-style wheels endowed with matte and bright finishes and performance rubber. The car is truly something to look for at the next Moto Show in Detroit.

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model inside

Engine of Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model

It is safe to say that the car is going to use the same 5.0-liter V-8 engine which the RC F uses. Combined with the close-ratio, eight-speed automatic transmission, this makes for a perfect combination for this power vehicle. At this under the hood inclusions, the car is expected to make 389 pound-feet of torque and 467 horsepower.

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model grill

The RC F model which uses this engine can accelerate at 60 mph in no less than 4.4 seconds. We are not sure what the performance of the upcoming vehicle is going to be but the estimations are that the designers from Lexus will have to achieve better or same numbers if they are going to keep up with with the vehicles, like BMW and Mercedes, from the same branch.

The rival of this vehicle can easily deliver a power of about 575 and 577 horsepower respectively. The new F High Performance Model will have to match this numbers if it is going to be a contender in the market and not just another vehicle with mediocre stats.

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model wheel

Lexus Teases New F High Performance Model Release Date

As we said, the release date is set for the Detroit Motor Show in January this year. No additional info have been given nor will it be until the moto show. Lexus is keeping it all on the hush hush so we are expecting something spectacular or something which will amaze all the people at the show.


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