Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 side

The Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 is actually a concept version or rather as it name says a vision of the British designers that has brought us the ever so popular Mini Cooper brand. The people from Mini have never made anything aside upgrades and features for its Cooper vehicles, so they are turning towards a bright new future with this concept car. Of course, this is a mere concept which is still not approved for production and is still waiting for a green light of approval. We are fairly confident that if this car reaches production it will achieve something great for the Mini brand and that it will enable them to turn to a better tomorrow for the British brand.

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Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 Exterior and Interior

For the time being the photos provided for us are just the concept of the vehicle which has not yet reached production. So we are representing to you something what might be if the 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision reaches the light of day. Firstly, the car takes a lot of similarities to the 2014 Mini Cooper. It is actually not a surprise and the current design looks pretty good. The manufacturers opted for a mix of British as well as Italian design construction offering you a cool new look for the Superleggera.

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The vehicle keeps the sympathetic look which the Cooper brand has had for years but with the addition of a cool sophisticated look that the Italian designers have flourished the vehicle with. The bottom line is that the design is pretty interesting but changes are almost certain to come. Certain rumors say that the front grille, the low windshields and the futuristic headlights that were added on the concept are certainly going to be changed.

Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 front side

Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 rear side

The thing about the headlights is confirmed while the changes related to other features will be announced shortly. Rear and front bumpers are also going to undergo rendering and the inside is going to be revised as well. The announced changes will only benefit the vehicle’s current look and time will tell how the final version of the 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision is going to look.

Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 interior


Perhaps it is too early to talk about the engine specs about the vehicle as there is still enough time to change everything around. For now it is not even certain if the car is going to use all-wheel drive or back-wheel drive, but there are rumors for a front wheel drive as well. Also the decision about using a gasoline or a diesel powered engine is still not reached and we shall also have to wait to see that one as well. There have been talks that an electric engine is also an option but the rumors about that have been dropped immediately. This leaves us with the most suitable speculation that the vehicle is going to use a I3 1.5L turbo engine with a power of 136 horsepower or a 2.0L I4 with a power of 192 horsepower. The most likely solution which was mentioned is the option of using a 1.5L I3 diesel with 116 horsepower, but this option has been dropped and is the least one available to be used.

Mini Superleggera Vision 2016 engine

Release Date and Price

The release date is too far away for us to give you an exact prediction. The concept is still far away from gaining approval and it will need some time for this to be confirmed. If the people from BMW carry on their impeccable predictions and manage to give a thumbs up for the production of the new 2016 Mini Superleggera Vision, we can expect to see this car available for the beginning of the year 2016. The price is still a mystery as well and we shall also know more about that when the concept reaches its conclusion of production.


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